Gun-related Violence In And Around City And Schools Research Assignment

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English 126 Essay #3 Creative Research Paper Editing Checklist:

  1. Are the titles of books, movies, albums, or paintings underlined or italicized? Are the titles of chapters, articles, songs, or other shorter works placed in quotation marks? Edit, then check here: ____

2. Is the Works Cited in the following format? (see MLA format on the Purdue OWL website)____

Works Cited

Clemmitt, Marcia. "Mortgate Crisis." CQ Researcher 17.39 (2007) 913-936. CQ Researcher Online. Access 23 Nov. 2016.

Double check that the order of components, punctuation, and indentation all conform to the example above. Ask me if you have a question about how to cite your source.___

3. Are quotes connected to your sentences? __

A recent biography starts out by claiming that Capote’s father “might almost have been taken for a Yankee” (Clarke 3).

None of the quotes should be floating on their own. They all must be attached to your sentence. Take control of the quote by introducing it in you own words and following up with your own words explaining how the quote fits into your argument.

  1. Have you started and ended paragraphs NOT with a quote, but with your own words? You may write in changes on your paper. ____

5. Do your pages have page numbers at the top right hand? _____

6. Does your paper have an interesting title? If not, write one in._____

7. To check for possible spelling errors, proofread backwards, from the end of a line to the beginning, or read line by line with a sheet of paper, and check here: ____

  1. Are your choices of words (diction) and sentence structures precise, varied (short and long), and descriptive enough? Edit and check here: ____
  2. Have you given a parenthetical citation at the end of all quotes or information in your own words taken from a source? Have you used the author’s lat name or an abbreviated version of the title if there is no author or more than one work by the same author? Example: (“Economic Downturn”) ___
  3. Please underline your thesis and the topic sentence of each paragraph, if apparent. It's not necessary to have an explicit thesis. ___
  4. Have you submitted the following assignments?:
  • your research proposal ___
  • annotated bibliography (bibliography with paragraphs, in your own words)___
  • introductions, half-draft and full-draft___
  • peer editing__
  • photocopies, screenshots, or printouts of ONE page from EACH of your sources, including books and websites, labeled, so I can tell which is which ___
  • essay 3 research question and checklist____

*essay 3 workshop____

  • Works Cited (works you drew from in your final essay 3) ____

* optional: Works Referenced (works which influenced you ideas but which you did not cite)___

  • this checklist, checked off.
  • Note to Jeannie, describing your process for writing the essay: What worked well for you? What didn't work so well? What would you do differently if you could? Please mention some specifics about your essay--your introduction, for example, or a sentence you liked in one of your paragraphs, or something you think is still choppy or messy from your conclusion and why.
  1. Is your paper 6-8-pages typed double-spaced pages (not including the Works Cited)__
  1. Did you cite from a minimum of the following sources (more sources are fine)
  • THREE outside sources from the library (this can be criticism, a related essay, historical background, etc. . . )___
  • ONE source from the web (can be substituted with additional library sources)___
  • THREE items of field work, drawn from two of the following categories:



--and participatory experience_______

Something you can do at home in front of your tv or computer, such as watching a video, watching an interview, or reading a survey, does not count as field work.

  1. Along the lines of a non-academic article like "The Overprotected Kid," does your paper demonstrate a sense of voice to interest your reader? Have you tried to make your introduction engaging in a specific way, such as with a story?_________
  2. Does you paper flow coherently, with a thesis or implied thesis that encompasses the overall argument, a conclusion that synthesizes your thesis and findings, and transitions to show how you get from one subject or aspect of your topic to the next?___
  3. Is there a parenthetical citation(s) (Pollan 33) in your essay to show where you have used each of your sources in your works cited? If so, you may add: _____
  4. Are your photocopies/scans/screenshots of a page from each source clearly labeled with the last name or title of the source? If not, please label them.___
  5. Have you used a range of credible sources to back up your opinions?___
  6. Have you used appropriate quotations as evidence?____
  7. Does your paper incorporate your field work in a readable way into your text, as shown by the sample excerpts from Proteus student papers? _____


Use MLA format for citing sources. Include a Works Cited at the end.

The format for a book:

Trask, R.L. Language: The Basics. 2nd ed., Routledge, 1999.

For an interview:

Brown, Charlie. Personal Interview. 10 Nov. 2016.

For a website:

"Discourse Analysis." Linguistic Society of America. 2012. 22 Nov. 2016 conversation.

For a video:

McGonigal, Jane. "Gaming and Productivity." YouTube, uploaded by Big Think, 22 Nov. 2016, =mkdzy9bWW3E.

MLA format:

Your final paper should be in MLA (Modern Language Association) format. Detailed information can be found at this link: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Some key formatting points I am looking for in your final paper:

  • Double-space (choose double-space for paragraph formatting)
  • Put your name at the top and include your name in the file name.
  • Include an interesting title, centered.
  • Number your pages (look for the insert page number option)
  • Include at least reference to the required 8 sources.
  • After your quotation or information from the source give a citation (last name or title if there is no last name page number).

EXAMPLE: I realized that my husband had misunderstood my indirect speech act, "an action in which the form used (e.g. interrogative) does not directly match the function (e.g. request)" (Yule 292).

  • Also give a citation when you are stating ideas from the text, but in your own word

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Essay 3 Checklist

While developing Essay 3, a lot of keenness was instituted to bring forth the best
experience and outcomes when doing research proposals. The essay began with an easily
identified question to be answered in the research, whereas much of the research components
were identified from the list of the initial aspects of the research. I had placed my targets on the
flow to be generated as I was aware that a weak flow could seriously damage the outcome of my
research. Nonetheless, I can attest in this checklist that I have gone through my work in ensuring
that the work cited is up to date the current information as cited in the research paper.

In this paper, all the quotes rthat5 have been utilized are conforming to the requirements
if the research paper. Secondly, the quotes used in this paper are relevant to the test and remain
as part of evidence to the concepts advanced in the paper. This essay is written using the 6th
edition of MLA writing style. I find the chosen topic being very interesting and relevant to the
context. Gun violence is a serious problem that is being researched left-right and center by a

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number of institutions. The topic of choice is a relevant issue in the contemporary society and
t5he finding arrived at articulate well to the findings of the research paper.

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Student’s Name

Essay 3 Draft
On a global scale, the US tops in gun violence from all fronts, whether it's a gunman
targeting school, clubs, churches and other social places. Gun violence is among the critical
national issues that need addressing both socially and politically. Terrorism and mass killing has
not only been a threat to the United States government but to also the citizens in different areas.
There have been mass shootings in different environments, and a spectacular case that has caught
the attention of many people in the US is the shootings in schools. Gun violence has been
rampant in different parts of the US, and it has hit new headlines on many occasions. The most
exciting thing is that gun violence criminals have targeted innocent masses that have nothing to
counter their aggressive behavior. The US, through the Congress, has been debating on the idea
of arming tutors and allowing concealed weapons inside institutions to fasten response in case of
an attack (Garbarino, 73-86). Though that sounds quite an excellent concept, still the schools are
required to play their part and strengthen weak policies on guns inside campuses. This original

Surname 2

research paper will look at how colleges across the states can curb the issue of gun violence and
completely seal off schools as possible targets for shooters.
What leads to gun violence?
Understanding the patterns of gun violence is taunted as one of the ideal starts in
identifying its cause. Gun violence in schools is a multifaceted, urgent, and at the same time, a
complex problem that has been rocking students and civilians in the US. To understand gun
violence and what causes it, it is vital to understand that gun violence is a particular act of crime
that is committed by the use of firearms targeting innocent masses.

According to most surveys conducted on gun violence, the primary cause of school gun
violence in the US is said to be either illegal or secure access to guns. One of the vital
outstanding facts is that there are very many guns in the US that are not controlled by the federal
or state governments. These are gun that is not licensed by the criminal system. According to
research on gun policy, 75% out of the world's 875 million are under the control of the civilians.
Americans top the list commanding about 48% of arms sales to civilians. These statistics happen
to say that for every two weapons purchased anywhere in the world, one is happening in
The US has the highest number of firearms owned by civilians. Because most guns are
under the control of civilians in the US and that some of these guns are barely licensed. What do
you expect? There will be a significant surge in gun-related violence. Without much research on
this, it would be enough to understand that the ready availability of guns in the US plays a part in

Surname 3

shaping violence patterns involving weapons in the US. The gun-loving culture in the US
contributes to the sad statistics of ever-increasing casualties in every mass shooting incident in
US schools. Whereas gun violence accounts for just a tiny fraction of the countries deaths by
guns, it is a traumatizing occurrence because it happens without a single warning and just
spontaneous. Much of the blame is being directed onto the shoddy process of doing background
checks before allowing an American citizen to make a gun purchase. Other nations have been
laughing out at how dull the process ...

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