Interest Groups & Social Movements in Representative Democracy

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Times New Roman with 12 Font, and have a proper introduction and conclusion. The response must explain the topic, why it is important to politics / political science, why you are interested in the topic, and your thoughts (opinion) on the topic. The headings should follow basic MLA format regarding Name, Course Number, Professor name, and Title etc.

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Explain how interest groups and social movements have played a big role in
representative democracy and why it is important to politics / political science. Why you
are interested in these groups and what are your thoughts (opinion) on this topic?
Interest groups refers to an organized group of people in a population that pushes for a
given point of interest or opinion on public matters like political motion. The 21st century has
seen rapid uprising of interest groups on several matters including political, social,
environmental, health activities among others. On the other hand, social movement is an
organized group of people whose motive is to resist or change social status in a civilization
(Ibarra, 19). Representative democracy is a governmental setting in which citizens elect eligible
persons to hold legislative public offices and represent them on political matters. Both social and
interest groups paly many roles on representative democracy over years. The groups comprise of
members of public who are mostly not serving in the public offices and hence act as public eyes
on the way the elected members are serving (Weldon, 20)
The topic addressed in this context tries to establish the relevance of social mo...

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