Ethics in Health Administration Interview Report

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Use your Ethics in Health Administration text to read the following:

oChapter 10, "Organizational Culture and Ethics," pages 215–237.

Use your Ethics and Professionalism for Healthcare Managers text to read the following:

oChapter 10, "Human Resources," pages 165–178.

Informational Interview Report

The interview you performed was described earlier as an informal conversation with a health care manager who is willing to share personal and professional expertise, knowledge, and perspective on ethical challenges. Your goal was to obtain an insider's view on current ethical issues presented in the health care field and increase your understanding of how managers utilize ethical principles and strategic efforts to prevent and address them.

Now that your interview has been completed, you will share your experience, evaluations, and application to ethical concepts and principles.

1.Assignment Components

To begin your paper, identify and describe the sector of the health care industry you have chosen to explore. Describe the organization, facility, or department chosen, its stated mission and goals, and provide context regarding the community or population it serves.

Introduce your interviewee. Briefly describe the background that brought this person to his or her current position. Explain the description and expectations of this person's management role. Include information the professional shared regarding how personal moral values, membership in professional organizations, and continuing education guide and support personal efforts in ethical management practice.

Describe an ethical challenge experienced by your interviewee in his or her organization, facility, or department, and analyze the approach taken to resolve it. If there is not a detailed example of a problem available, base your work on measures taken to prevent a specific major ethical issue, and analyze why the current approach is successful.

Discuss and evaluate the information gathered regarding the ethical problem. Include the following:

-Describe how formal policies, processes, teams, and individuals were utilized in addressing or proactively avoiding the ethical problem.

-Identify and explain the influence and role of external regulatory policies, and regulations in addressing or preventing the ethical issue (such as Joint Commission, HIPAA, et cetera).

-Describe how specific external forces influenced the resolution or prevention of the ethical issue.

-Describe how internal organizational factors influenced the resolution of the ethical issue.

-Identify and apply the ethical principles and theories related to the ethical issue and the management approach taken.

Conclude your paper by sharing personal insights gained from the informational interview experience. Identify tools, knowledge, skills, or awareness gained for use and success in your personal ethical management practice.

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Report: Informational interview report

Informational interview report
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Report: Informational interview report

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Information Interview Report



Informational interview report
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