Company Identity Management During Organizational Mergers

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  • Examine the role of organization development in anticipating and effecting change in organizations.
  • Evaluate organizational culture and its impact on behavior within organizations.
  • Analyze organizational development as a diagnostic and intervention process and how it is utilized to increase organizational efficiency.
  • Assess the organization development process and its role in developing high-performing teams, individual excellence, and organizational success.
  • Examine the role of employee empowerment and interpersonal interventions in organizational development.
  • Evaluate system level interventions, high-performing systems, and system approaches.

Scenario Information

An American Internet Technology company has merged with a Canadian Social Media company. Because of this merger, performance is not as optimal as the executives would have hoped; morale is low, and stress is up. The new company has decided to hire you as an Organizational Development consultant. They have tasked you with finding out the issues and what they should do next to get back on track.


You will take on the role of an Organizational Development consultant. As such, you need to determine the root cause of issues related to the merger, and recommend an appropriate change process to have a unified organizational culture. Also, consider resistance and how that resistance can be overcome. The company is also seeking your input for recommendations to empower employees. Because of the merger, you need to also provide an analysis of workplace stress as it relates to productivity. The company has asked you to create a slide presentation of your report, including a voice recording. Remember your audience when giving your presentation. You can use any Webware/software of your choosing for the voice recording, and include the following slides:

  • Title slide
  • Highlighting the main issues related to the merger
  • Providing best practices for merging company cultures into one, new culture for the organization

( Clearly identified problem area with substantive details pertaining to the merger. Effectively articulated all best practices for merging company cultures using well-defined reasons and clear examples).

  • Describing the appropriate change process

(Provided a thorough description of the appropriate change process including rationale to support the selection using clear examples and well-defined reasons)

  • Explaining resistance and how to overcome it

( Provided a thorough description of the sources and reasons for resistance to change. Provided best practices for overcoming resistance using clear examples and well-defined reasons).

  • Providing examples of employee empowerment

(Provided a thorough description of employee empowerment including best practices for empowering employees using clear examples and well-defined reasons)

  • Describing workplace stress and providing examples of behavior because of stress

(Provided a substantive description of workplace stress including behavior caused by such. Provided a comprehensive list of best practices applied by managers to manage workplace stress including clear examples and well-defined reasons)

  • Providing best practices for managers to manage workplace stress

( Presentation was recorded, included all appropriate slides, references if needed, and concluded the presentation with a summary of the appropriate change process including sufficient detail of which and sound rationale for its selection)

  • Conclusion slide that includes the main points of developing a high-performing team and system approaches to being high-performing
  • Any additional, relevant information
  • References

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Explanation & Answer


 Most mergers tend to fail, according to the history of

KPMG 83% of mergers do not boost shareholder
 Most organizations lose legitimacy through fear of
globalization, technological developments and
economic land scape.
 The merger should be based on products or market fit.

 Communication challenges
 Cultural challenges

 Employee retention challenges

 Over communication about all the merger to the

Establishment of perfect integration groups from both
companies that is particular about each individual and
their roles
Re-staffing should be done based about the best of the
best through a process that every employee is proud of.
Both organizations should not sacrifiice core business
and customer services.
Identify each organizations best practices

The change process
 Process one – Identifying the gap needed
 Process two- Identify the organizational culture
 Process three- Develop a communication plan

 Process four- Establish purpose
 Process five- Collaboration

 Resistance- most people don’t respond to change with

happiness and glee. This is the complete definition of
resistance, when employees wont accept the process of
merger in the organizatio...

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