What is bilingualism and how does it connects to codeswitching, language learning, slang and the rest at the bottom?

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  • Body – explain how it relates to life outside of the classroom. In other words, whyshould everyone study it?
  • Conclusion – your thoughts about the topic
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  • please try to include the following topics and how they relate to bilingualism: codeswitching, how is bilingualism is taught, the style of speaking for example speaking different with friends than with parents or teachers, slang, being deaf and learning a second language, and how they all connect. you don't have to mention every single one of these but most important is code switching.
  • include that i'm a bilingual myself who speaks Arabic and English.

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Bilingualism & Its Connection to Codeswitching
In world history, through the introduction of social, linguistic studies in the education
system, has helped many people from different nations to be able to have the ability to speak and
understand different languages. However, many students find it difficult to understand another
alternative language apart from their native language (Cummins and Swain). Through statistical
estimation survey, there are approximately four thousand languages on earth and a small portion
of people that can easily speak and understand multiple languages. The native language
education is one of the most critical topics in the field of sociology in that it helps bridge the gap
between different ethnic groups, thereby reducing racism and discrimination. The phenomenon
of bilingualism is a complex concept that can be interpreted in different ways (Baker).
The term Bilingualism refers to the act of or ability to speak and understand two or more
languages at the same time (Cummins and Swain). Typically, education serves as an essential
tool for enlightening the people in the quest to improve their living standards by equipping them
with knowledge and skills. Education is founded on language, which is used as a tool for passing
instructions and passing knowledge to the students. The use of language as two has brought
about the concept of bilingual education, which refers to the use of two words in schools;
secondary ...

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