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David & Goliath in Los Angeles has just received word from Jones, Lundeen & Beals, one of the industry’s leading agency search consultants, that the agency has been selected to participate in an upcoming three-way agency review for the Indux Games launch of their new Zombie Apocalypse platform. And JL&B has projected that the agency revenue on the account will be in the $4-6M range. This is great news for the agency as the Indux review will be an opportunity for D&G to re-enter the gaming category following a somewhat less than amicable parting-of-the-ways with Kong Industries a little over a year ago.The President calls you, the agency’s Head of Account Planning, the Client Service Director and the Executive Creative Director into his office to give you all the “good news”. It’s 4:30 p.m. Friday afternoon and this “news” is a great way to end what has been a long week for you and the agency’s planning department.

As you are walking out of the President’s office, the CSD and ECD ask you if you have “five minutes”.And you know from experience that when they say “five minutes” this usually translates to “work for the account planning department”. They tell you that to get a head-start on the Indux review process, they would like to have the planning group present a top-line overview of gaming category and lead a facilitated session for the “pitch team” to assist identifying the potential positioning “white space” for Zombie Apocalypse platform in the gaming category. And they want to assemble the “pitch team” for this meeting on Monday afternoon at 1:00 p.m.You glance at your watch …it’s now 4:50 p.m. on a Friday afternoon, and it’s game on.

First off, how you will manage this late breaking news to your team and letting them know that they will now need to scuttle most if not all of their weekend plans to begin preparing for Monday afternoon’s meeting with the agency’s Zombie Apocalypse“pitch team”?

Secondly, what steps you would take in approaching this assignment and in directing your team?Where would you start? What would you explore?How would you “divide and conquer” across this assignment in order to help your team salvage at least part of their weekend but still be well prepared for Monday afternoon’s presentation?

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● Case Analysis Outline ○ Using the following outline: ■ Purpose: Statement of the problem or key issue ■ Background/Situation Analysis ■ Discussion of Alternatives ■ Recommendation/Rationale ■ Action Plan/Next Steps ■ Contingency Plan limit your analysis to five (3) double-spaced, typewritten pages. ● Purpose: Statement of the problem or key issue Some examples: The purpose of this correspondence is to outline the recommended approach, budget and next steps for implementing a 49/59/69 value menu pricing test in paired HB and LB index markets during Q3. The purpose of this memo is to provide the results of the Q3 49/59/69 value menu pricing test in the paired HB and LB markets and outline the impact and implications of the results for the upcoming FY planning and budget. Using Q2 competitive advertising spend data, the purpose of this memo is to provide an analysis and recommended funding levels required to match competitive SOV in “heartland” markets. The key to the purpose is to clearly articulate why you are providing this analysis and what will be the outcome(s). Be succinct in your approach and use words that paint a very clear picture of the issue at hand. ● Background/Situation Analysis This is where you paint the picture of why there is a problem or an issue in the first place. Again, you need to succinctly and clearly state the facts, as well as address “why we are where we are”. The latter can be driven internally (people, product, process, legal, financial, etc.); by a client and/or competitor; etc. In writing the situation analysis it is imperative that you pay as much attention to the “facts” as presented in the case as to the “facts” that either seem to be missing or are somewhat conspicuous by their absence. Is there an underlying issue or concern that is at the heart of the issue that has not surfaced or being considered? This is a foundational element of your analysis, but remember, you are not writing Tolstoy here. BE BRIEF; BE FOCUSED; DO NOT RECOUNT THE CASE; GET TO THE POINT / KEY ISSUE(S) OF THE CASE QUICKLY. ● Discussion of Alternatives By delineating for two or three alternatives in clear and concise declarative sentences, you make it extremely clear for management to understand the courses of action you have researched/developed and are available to them for consideration. Depending on the complexity and variables associated with the alternatives, it may be worthwhile to develop an outline of the “pros” and “cons” so that management can easily see the risks and rewards associated for each alternative, and the potential impact/implication each has on the business as a result. You will need to consider whether or not this level of detail is required literally on a case-by-case basis. ● Recommendation/Rationale Once you have analyzed and put forth alternative solution scenarios, you are now ready to make your recommendation. It is now time for you to step up, stand up and to put it on the line. This is the point in the process where you make a strong, persuasive and well-articulated argument supporting your recommended course of action derived from the list of alternatives you have developed. This is not the time to be wishy-washy. If you do not deliver a strong and impassioned argument, you will not sell management on your recommendation. Now this does not mean you can concoct any impassioned argument and win – you need to support you recommendation with facts, observations and anticipated outcomes. Your recommendation should be a straightforward statement followed by bullet-pointed rationale points. ● Action Plan/Next Steps Once you have made a decision, now you have to activate the support plan. This is the next step in your case study write-up. The key items for management will be a clear outline of the timeframe and the funding involved in implementing the recommendation as stated. These are crucial items for management alignment and approval. For example, going back to the “…match competitive SOV in the ‘heartland’ markets.” scenario from the Purpose section, the Action Plan/Next Steps section might look something like this: To implement the match competitive SOV levels in “heartland markets requires the following next steps: 1. For the “heartland” markets, authorize incremental spot TV spending of $9.25 million and increase T&R spend from $65K to $81.7K for the balance of the year by 6/1; 2. Develop and approve media plan that details the incremental spend by 6/15; 3. Develop and approve updated creative rotation in “heartland” markets for balance of the year by 6/15; 4. Update and finalize T&R budget for balance of year by 6/15; 5. 6. Upon approval of SOV match plans, activate & air by 6/30; Measure impact of SOV match plan in “heartland” markets during Q1. In addition, given that we are doing business in the “age of accountability” you will most likely need to put in some performance metrics and/or milestones against which you can gage the progress, traction and success you are making. Be realistic …be honest…be confident. And remember, nothing in this business happens all that quickly, so set realistic expectations for implementation and measurement. ● Contingency Plan While you recommendation has been well thought out, based on the facts at hand, and vetted at various management levels within the “organization”, there are unforeseen twists and turns in the economy, competitive landscape and the consumer. And while you cannot predict the future, you do need to have a “Plan B” --- what you would do “if”. Your contingency plan need not be long. Just simple statement along the lines of: if this happens (or does not happen), we will do this. Again, you need to give management some reasonable assurance that you have the backdoor covered. ● In Closing… The case analysis process is designed to give you the opportunity to take a crack at solving real world problems. And as you move forward into the world of advertising you will find that your day-to-day activities will really be nothing more than a series of “mini” case studies. However, the case studies in the real world will not arrive all neat and tidy in a pdf format. Enjoy. ★ Case #1: Congratulations, You’ve Been Selected 1. Advertising Management Today 2. Managing People In An IMC Wo ...
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The corporate world has undergone a lot of transformations over the years. It is important to note
the fact that it is these transformations coupled with very stiff competition, that has gone a very
long way to giving the entire sector an identity. With stiff competition and many other factors,
survival and innovation in the business world have become a very daunting task, to say the least,
and this is justified by a number of things.
With very stiff and tough competition, there are always very few opportunities. It is, therefore,
because of how slim opportunities are, that when one arises, the best set of practice and
mechanisms need to be employed in order to get the best out of the situation.
This paper will aim to narrow down on how good news is received and how it is disseminated to
fellow colleagues while at the same time discussing what needs to be done in order to manage
time when it is very limited and very scarce.
While at it, this paper will also aim to shed more light on all the related optics and what I would
have done if I was in a position of influence and with very little time to make the same decisions
without bringing up any form of compromise.
In order to shed more light on this matter, this paper will make use of a case example where I am
involved and playing a steering role in trying to tap into a new opportunity while at the same
time, having to deal with very limited time for that matter.
In this case, example factors such as the best way to break the good news to colleagues will also
be discussed, and what this should mean to them and the roles each is bound to play, at the end
of the day.



In this case example, there is a catch, and that is the fact that there is news which is positive to
the company but also one with very limited time and space to work on. With that still holding, I
am charged with playing an instrumental role in ensuring that the entire breaking news, which is
also an opportunity, is held in very high regards.
On the question of how I will manage this breaking news to my fellow colleagues and making
them know which respective parts they are supposed to play in the entire process, I would need
to have a clearly mapped out plan, and it is as follows;
Making the essential and formal announcement
I would begin by having the essential but still very formal announcement of the breaking news:
The only way they would get to know what is going on is by me telling them. This would happen
if I announ...

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