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Welcome to class! This first week of RDNG/507 introduces guiding principles of content area reading and writing development. What are the characteristics of effective literacy teachers? Why is it important for content area teachers to possess these characteristics? Which characteristics do you feel are your strengths and/or challenges? Explain and provide rationale to support your response.

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I feel that the effective characteristics of a literacy teacher are motivated, patient, knowledgeable, understanding, kind, giving, open minded, creative, approachable, easy for students to talk to and work well with teachers and parents. There are many more as well. When I think of the literacy teachers that have been in my life, as a teacher and these are the qualities that stand out in my head. I've worked in different schools in Washington State, Japan, and Italy. In each place I have been fortunate to work with wonderful teachers who are passionate about their job. They work tirelessly to ensure that student needs are being met and if the student isn’t showing growth, not learning, or unmotivated the teacher has worked hard in trying to figure out a different way to reach that student. Literacy teachers have a specific classroom focus and in order to reach all the students that come in and out of their classrooms there needs to be a partnership within the school. Having my students pulled out at different times of the day is difficult, but I know it’s important.

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effective literacy teachers focus on content literacy racy and its implementation as well as its importance in students education. This involves modeling, scaffolding the students, and teaching strategies.

Some characteristics of an effective literacy teacher are:

  • Strong content knowledge
  • Knowledge of how to teach others
  • Understanding of learners and their learning development, including how to assess and scaffold learning (as previously mentioned) to support students who have learning difficulties or differences, and also depending on their language (limited proficient) of instruction.
  • Adaptive expertise that allow teachers to make judgements on what is like to work on a given context in responds to students needs.

Personally, I feel that my strongest effective literacy teaching area it's understanding of learners and their learning development. I think, it's my strongest area because as an ESE teacher you always have to scaffold and adapt all the activities to make the lesson more effective, therefore, you have to know all your students. Also, I have been working with the same students over the years until they transition to middle school which makes it more easier for them and for me. One of my weakest areas in my opinion, is rea of content knowledge because I come from a major in PE from another country. It is a learning process that I enjoy everyday!

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Literacy teachers have the duty to ensure that they equip their students with effective literacy
skills to enable them to meet the demands of life after school and in their professional career.
Therefore, to ensure that students have relevant literacy skills, teachers should possess various
characteristics such as flexibility, understanding literacy learning, should be able to effectively
engage students in challenging literacy learni...

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