media persuasion, politics, and propaganda

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Write a 1,750- to 2,100-word paper on consumer vulnerability to media persuasion, politics, and propaganda.

Select a specific political issue in which the Internet played a decisive role in forming your political opinion about a topic.

Locate three news articles on your specific political issue:

•Find a news article that you believe to be totally objective.

•Find a second news article that you believe to be intentionally persuasive. 

•Find a third news article that you believe to be subtly persuasive in the guise of an informative article.

Address the following in your paper:

•Identify the specific principle differences between the objective news article and the persuasive news article. 

•Identify the specific principle differences between the persuasive news article and the information article. 

Conclude your paper by addressing the following:

•Do you believe that you are vulnerable to political persuasion? Explain and justify your answer.

•What techniques are used in the selected political articles to persuade readers?

•Are any of these articles particularly effective? Why or why not?

•How might we personally and as a society reduce our vulnerability to political persuasion?  

Format the paper consistent with APA guidelines

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