Short Story Quitters Inc by Stephen King Themes and Style Analysis Paper

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Body. The first line of each paragraph must be intended. All parts of the essay(including the heading)must be is not necessary to include an extra line between paragraphs.

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College English-Mr. J. Gallagher General Tips ESSAY SUBMISSIONS Every essay should be stapled in the upper left-hand corner with the final draft on top. All components must be turned in on the due date in order to receive full credit. Handwritten papers are not acceptable. There should be a 1" margin surrounding each page. All pages should be numbered. Numbers should be in the top right corner of each page and should be accompanied by your last name. o Use white paper. Heading In the top left corner of the first page of your essay should be the following information: Name Instructor's Name Class and Course number Assignment Name Date (written 15 Sept. 2017) Title Center the title. Capitalize the first letter of important words (not articles, conjunctions, or short prepositions). Do not underline, italicize, or boldface the title. Type it in a standard font, such as Times New Roman, 12-point. The title is not a sentence. It can be a word or phrase and hint at what your thesis will be, but it is not the thesis statement itself. A clever title is acceptable, but be careful to still take it as seriously as you expect your paper to be taken. Body 0 The first line of each paragraph must be indented. All parts of the essay (including the heading) must be double-spaced. It is not necessary to include an extra line between paragraphs. Essay must be written in a clear, legible font (such as 12-point Times New Roman) in black ink. All text must be left-justified. One sentence is not the equivalent of a paragraph. Titles of longer works (plays, films, novels, etc.) are to be italicized. Titles of shorter works (articles, short stories, poems, etc.) are written inside quotation marks. Write in active voice. Unless otherwise directed, do not use first person (“I," "me," "we," etc.) or second person Cyou") point of view in your essays. Sentence fragments are only acceptable when making a dramatic point, and, even then, should be used sparingly. Be definitive in your writing. Avoid words like "maybe," "perhaps," and other wishy-washy words. You must use a citation whenever you use someone else's thoughts or ideas. Be consistent with verb tense. Literary analysis papers are typically written in present tense. Avoid wordy jargon, clichés, slang, and exaggerations. Avoid speaking directly to the reader, especially asking questions of him/her. Avoid sexist language. Keep your language simple. Adhere to guidelines set forth by the Modern Language Association (MLA). Wikipedia, Spark Notes, and the like are NOT acceptable sources. Never use the word "it" when it is unclear what you are referring to. Avoid contractions, and explain acronyms or abbreviations with their first use. Joo
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Quitters Inc. by Stephen King- Review
Stephen King’s Quitters Inc. is a short narrative narrates the story of a young
man, Dick who is struggling with drug addiction, specifically smoking. Cognizant of the
repercussion of this habit, dick purposes of getting help on how he can eliminate this norm from
his life. His aim for consulting and seeking further advice from one of his closest friends Jim and
other allies who purposes to help him achieve his goal of fight against smoking. Even though the
main character meets his aim of eliminating tobacco from his life, King draws various events that
unfold to depict, characterizations, the styles and themes as used in the narrative. This article
aims at reviewing King's Quitting based on multiple literature tools, the themes among others.

King’s Quitters Inc. is majorly driven by the issue of drug addiction. The narrative shows
the plight of addiction. Smoking is the major topic of discussion both from the begging of the
story, at the and on the topic senten...

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