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Examine a significant way that the Joint Commission has influenced the basic functions of HRM and predict the likely impact of the policies and procedures at the your acute hospital. Provide support for your rationale.

Analyze the importance of collaboration between HR and department managers when filling open positions, indicating the most likely impact on the hiring process.

  1. Create a detailed outline of a training program for managers. The outline should include, at a minimum, interviewing techniques that both help managers identify the best candidate for the job and meet the requirements of appropriate employment laws and regulations.
  2. Determine the most significant factor that should be considered in order to develop a compensation and benefit plan that is fair, competitive, and aligned with the organization’s strategic objectives, indicating the direct impact of each factor on the elements.
  3. Recommend a performance appraisal method that you believe would be the most effective for the organization and support the reasons for your decision. Provide support for your recommendation.
  4. Create a strategy to effectively manage both performance- and behavioral-based employee problems, which will lead to the desired behavior result.

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HRM Policies and Procedures
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HRM Policies and Procedures
Delivery of healthcare services to patients safely and with quality assurance is vital and a
right for all patients regardless of their status. To achieve this, it all should begin by clearly
understanding the condition of the patient as well as the patient understanding what the medical
practitioner is communication. This is deemed to be clear communication between the patient and
the physician. Conversely, it is an ideal situation that most hospitals have not been able to deliver
safe and quality services to the society given the fact that they cannot choose who to treat
depending on their ability to communicate clearly. This s exuded by the fact that some of these
patients are not able to speak English and communicate using English. This calls for hospitals at
all levels to come up with strategies that will allow them to deliver services to a diverse patient
population effectively. Such strategies have been achieved by the implementation of the joint
commission in many hospitals.
Joint Commission provides that leaders in the hospitals are obliged to providing a
framework for planning, directing, and coordinating in the hospital. It also obliges the hospital
leaders to use the tools that enhance health care and treatment services in the hospital while
responding to the society around and explicitly handling the patient needs and improved health
care service results (Commission, 2019). Most importantly, it is also the role of the hospital leaders
to provide an impeccable platform onto which the culture and linguistic dynamism in healthcare
service delivery are based upon thus ensuring all patients are attended to safely and efficiently.
This approach has been adopted by many hospitals which are oriented towards having a
dynamically and multilingually based patient service in the long run.



In an ideal platform, policies, and procedures that are recommended by the joint
commission have provided standards that are, in a way lesser rigorous in improving the inclusivity
of all patients in general. However, the policy document that provides the approaches
recommended allows needs to be improved to increase efficiency and effectiveness to many users
of the policy. However, these approaches, for example, the cultural and linguistic diversification,
have improved health care services in many hospitals, including the one that I am currently
working in as the human resource manager. Ideally, the standard may be less stringent but at the
same provides a basic foundati...

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