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Identify the critical business processes and systems that needs to be protected in the event of a significant disruption (Industry Health Care - Kaiser or United Health Group). With this, you will develop and document the scope of your IRP plan. You will be building on this assignment as you progress throughout the course

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Running Head: Business Continuity Plan.

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Running Head: Business Continuity Plan.
The Scope of the Incident Response Plan.
Privacy maintenance and protection for personal medical records in healthcare facilities
is a common risk management issue. Raising concerns has been noted by there is a widespread
distrust of several organizations business practices including how they collect and handle
personal information. There is increasing identity theft, business systems are increasingly
becoming complex as large amounts of medical information is being collected. Laws and
regulations have been set to govern the organizations that store user’s personal information.
Evaluating whether the organization is ready for risk is essential. Considering the healthcare
industry Kaiser Permanente, below is the scope of the Incident Response Plan.
The Incident Response Plan.
This document will provide a well-defined, organized approach for containing risks that
computer data is exposed to and the appro...

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