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I have a mock interview and the interview they will ask behavioral questions I have already answered the behavioral questions but I need to put it more so in story form of how to be a real questions are supposed to be answered at the bar interview formation behavior and actions and the result. A website on how it’s supposed to be done..

Mistakes You Should Avoid

It can be easy to begin rambling about an important project or achievement from a current or previous position when in an interview situation. Stay clear and concise by avoiding these mistakes and pitfalls. Do not go into an interview situation without an answer to this question firmly planted in your head. As noted at the beginning of the article, you should write out a list of all the important projects you’ve worked on in your career, and detail how you contributed to their successful completions. Choose a past project that aligns with the job/industry you’re interviewing for.

Share your success, but avoid coming off as arrogant when you do so. Don’t focus on the contribution of others—the answer you provide should primarily be about you. Also, don’t focus on negatives, or talk about how you disliked the important project (if that is indeed the case). Again, avoid talking about an unsuccessful project (unless—as previously mentioned—you want to talk about how you turned an unsuccessful project into a successful one).

Sample Answers

“I have worked on many important projects throughout my career. What’s really crucial for me when starting one is to get very clear on the goals right at the start and then create a plan with milestones. I also like dealing with the most difficult parts of the projects early on—that way in case there are any significant issues, I’ll still have a nice amount of time to complete before the deadline. I also typically break down large tasks into smaller chunks, so that it is easier to know where to start. Detailed planning is very important to ensure an important project goes smoothly. For example, last year I was in charge of . . . .”

From here, start explaining the project, first in terms of its purpose and objective, scope, complexity [e.g. working with new technology, number of resources, budget, and timeline] and the key challenge you needed to overcome. Show them that you can see not only the big picture but also all the little things that need to happen on a daily basis in order to get the project done. Here’s another example of how to answer the question:

“In order to get project “X” completed in my previous job, I found out who the key stakeholders were and got their input on the project’s different parts. Then, I outlined the major milestones that would be involved in completing the project, and worked backwards to break down the work that would need to be done at each stage.

I created a list of all possible risks that might stop us from reaching those milestones, and I then added some extra time to the schedule in case anything unexpected came up. I also made sure that my role and responsibilities in the project were as clear as possible so I knew exactly what I had to do. The project was completed on time, but looking back, I realize there were some problems that could have been avoided. For example, I would have changed “Z” in order to avoid some of the minor scheduling problems we ran into. Having said that, it’s always easier to see what the learnings are after a project has been completed, and I now know what I’d do differently the next time.”

Remember your end goal with this question: to put yourself in the best possible light when explain your project management approach, and lessons learned from past important projects. Make sure you shine in the end, but don’t come off as an arrogant bragger. Don’t take all the credit if you worked on a collaborative project. Quantify the end results, if possible, and always make sure you share the outcome of the project’s completion. Good luck!

Story from like the example above.

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Explain a situation where you had to deal with team building The number of employee turnover at the Reserve network was increasing at an alarming rate. I was tasked to establish the reasons for the high number of employee turnover. I formed a team with one representative from each unit to collect views from employees on the challenges they are faced and an area about the organization they are dissatisfied with. Lack of employee engagement on decisions that affected them was the main cause which the management reversed by involving employees on matters that pertains to their daily activities. The turnover rate significantly reduced thereafter. A time when you had to multitask While working at the World Kitchen, I was once faced with a challenge of delivering payroll reconciliation in time while at the same time assist the project team. Besides my work of reconciling payroll for more than 200 employees, I was assigned to assist a project manager dealing with tracking of FMLA. Since employee payroll reconciliation was a sensitive task that could jeopardize employees working morale. I had to multitask on the role while at the same time help the project team. Both tasks were complemented and delivered in time. A time where you had to deal with time management Customer complaints about late deliveries of their goods by D& I track had increased. I analyzed the scheduled pick-ups and delivery notes and discovered that there were delays at the pick-up point. I then lead brainstorming with the responsible team handling scheduled pickups and realized they were understaffed while the volume of work had gone up, so I recommended an additional two staff in the department and this eliminated late time deliveries. A time where you had to work with a small team During my marketing class at Devry University, I worked on a course project where five of us were asked to analyze the strategic plan of and make recommendations. We divided the task among the five members and I was tasked to discuss the situational environment of the business. Two of our members could not participate because they were reassigned jobs in a different country and therefore could not around for some weeks. We had to distribute their roles among the remaining three of us and we worked hard and managed to deliver the work in time receiving positive feedback from the Professor and managed to get an A grade on the project. A time where you had a conflict My project management course at Devry University required that we undertake a group simulation activity within seven weeks. The team agreed in my absence to form a WhatsApp group that will be used to communicate on the progress of the project and negate the discussion forum platform provided by the University. I went through the requirements of the project and provided my contribution for what was required in week 1 and posted on the discussion forum. My contribution was not incorporated in the paper at the end of the week and the team leader informed the instructor that I didn’t participate, and I was awarded zero points. I emailed the professor and provided an excerpt of my contribution that I had done on the discussion forum to the group. I was awarded full points and the team leader reached out to me and thereafter added to the group WhatsApp.
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Answering Human Resource Questions




Answering Human Resource Questions
I have experienced several conflicts throughout my career as a customer service
representative at a center. As such, I have sufficient experience in managing disputes effectively
and ensure satisfaction of all parties involved. Nonetheless, the main conflict I experienced was
during my time at Devry University. My management course required that we undertake a group
simulation activity that was to last seven weeks. The team met in my absence and decided to
create a WhatsApp group where the members would communicate regarding the project’s
progress. The WhatsApp group...

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