Othello by Shakespeare

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Please, provide an analysis for the scrip othello by Shakespeare. In it provide an analysis of the plot, stylistic devices utilized, and the flow. Make the essay two pages at most and use the MLA style

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Othello Analytical Essay
Othello is a great tragedy written by William Shakespeare centered on the life of Othello, who
was an extensive offering of his service in Venice.
This analytical essays center on the play Othello by William Shakespeare and revolves around
the thesis statement, “how does the protagonist’s status as an outsider lead him to his downfall?”
The body of the essay will link different scenes with the thesis statement.
Character Analysis
In the scenes depicted by William Shakespeare, Othello is a character who combines greatness
and weakness and even with his own words describes himself as “an honorable murderer
(Shakespeare 295)”. He migrates from Africa, participates in the Venetian defense forces, and
wins the hearts of many through his exemplary bravery, excellent command, and respect.
Othello comprises the story of the great warrior brought down by a significant character flaw,
which is jealousy. Unlike other stories, this play stands out considering that it primarily revolves
on a domestic tragedy with a keen interest in themes like love, hate, jealousy, revenge,
suspiciousness, racism, and judgment. The final scenes of the story depict Othello regretting the

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course of some of his actions and to the extent that he plays a puppet in Lago’s hands. Othello, in
this scene, becomes a great tragi...

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