Virginia and Massachusetts Colonies Societal Advancement Paper

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Paragraph 1 :Introduction of the topic

Paragraph 2 :Argument in favor of one side

paragraph 3: Argument for other side

paragraph 4 :Discussion of other factors or counter arguements (optional)

paragraph 5 : conclusion where you pick one side and explain why you picked them.

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Virginia and Massachusetts
Which of the first two colonies, Virginia or Massachusetts, offered colonists the best
opportunities in terms of societal advancement, wealth, freedom, and life expectancy?
Virginia and Massachusetts were two of the oldest colonies in the United States. While
both of these colonies were occupied by England around the same time, it is essential to note that
there were differences between these colonies which presented a wide range of opportunities and
challenges to the colonial power. An examination of the activities of the two colonies suggests
that while Virginia had a warm climatic condition which supported agricultural activities,
Massachusetts, on the other hand, was anchored on shipping and shipbuilding. Thus, it is evident
that while Virginia was colonized because of its economic potential, Massachusetts was
colonized as a social venture. While the colonists who settled in Virginia sought economic gains
and that formed the foundation of their conquest, those who settled in Massachusetts had the
preservation and promotion of their culture as their primary objective. Notably, a critical
examination of the social, political, and economic environment of Massachusetts indicates that it
provided the colonists with better opportunities in terms of societal advancement, wealth,
freedom, and life expectancy than Massachusetts.

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