Need physics help with an Elevator Problem: Mass and Weight

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A 105 kg person stands on a scale in an elevator. The scale reads 1500 N.

Is the elevator at rest, moving up or down at a constant velocity, accelerating upward or accelerating downward?

What is the magnitude of the elevators acceleration?

Dec 7th, 2015



        = 105*9.8 

         =1029 N

1029 N< 1500 N,so the  elevator is accelerating upward 

When the elevator was at rest your weight was 1029 N

let the upward acceleration be x
Now your weight is 105*(9.8 +x)  = 1500 

                                       (9.8 +x) =1500/105

                                                x = 14.28 - 9.8

                                                x = 4.49 m/s^2


   magnitude of the elevators acceleration =    4.49 m/s^2 upward                


hope you understood..please message if you have any doubts...thank you
Dec 7th, 2015

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Dec 7th, 2015
Dec 7th, 2015
Oct 18th, 2017
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