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You are to critique each reading assignment that is listed on your class schedule (Separate handout). Remember that a critique is NOT a summary. A critique is your opinion that you can support with information and examples from the essay. For each journal entry, you are required to write at least 70-90 words.

1. "Internet Addiction" p. 131 (No class notes; for you to read and critique)

2. "Black Men and Public Space" p. 154 (No class notes; for you to read and critique)

3. "Right Place, Wrong Face" p. 233 (No class notes; for you to read and critique)

4. "History of Susan Chung: . . ." p. 257

5. "Eating Chilli Peppers" p. 287

6. "They Live Off What We Throw Away" p. 434

7. "Dude, Do You Know What You Just Said?" p. 438

1. "Rambos of the Road" (text, 306)

2. "Conforming to Stand Out" (text, 318)

3. "How (and Why to Stop Multitasking" (text, 518)

4. "In Defense of Multitasking (text, 522)

5. "Abolish the Penny" (text, 541)

6. "Pull the Plug on Explicit Lyrics" (text, 552)

7. "The Secret Lion" by Alberto Rios (text, 663)

8. "Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin (text, 672)

Journal Example


1. "Internet Addiction" Critique

Begin critique. Each critique should be 70 to 90 words in length.

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"Internet Addiction" Critique

Internet addiction is a mental condition caused by over usage of the internet. This psychological
condition is quite detrimental to the users involved. In more precise terms, a person is described
as an internet addict when he or she spent the most significant fraction of their time online. The
disorder is characterized by physical symptoms such as headache, poor nutrition since the time to
eat is used online, poor personal hygiene, backache, as well as insomnia. A person may retract
from this behavior by taking an internet vacation, limiting time, and also disconnecting the
internet source.
"Black Men and Public Space" critique
'Black men and public space' introduces a black man who expresses his experience with some
individuals in public places. The man reveals his fear concerning the issue of race discrimination.
Brent suggests that the Whites appear to view the black men as dangerous and violent people
from racial inclinations without evaluating and therefore instilling stress to the Blacks. Initially,
the black men were taken as thieves, murderers, and rapists. The familiar feeling of white people
towards black men made individuals around black people feel concerned and anxious.
"Right Place, Wrong Face" Critique
The 'right place, wrong face' illustration is a depiction by White. This illustration analyzes the
racial prejudices that infringe on the rights of innocent citizens. The narrative expresses how an
individual can undergo suffe...

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