American Government and Federal System History Questions

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1. Give an example of checks and balances. Be sure to explain which branches are involved and why this example is important in making sure neither branch involved abuses its powers.

2. Because of the overlapping nature of the powers in a federal system, there are often conflicts between the various levels of government. This issue of education, mentioned in section 3, is one example of this. What is another example of an issue that has become a problem because of differing ideas/laws from the state to the federal level? What is the current status of this issue today - is it still a problem?

3. The Preamble to the Constitution begins with the words "We the People." This collective "we" did not extend to the right to vote for women, African Americans nor to Native Americans. How has this omission affected Constitutional history in the United States? Which, if any, of the 27 amendments to the Constitution took care of this situation.

4. Why was gerrymandering made illegal? What problems could result if this practice were used? Why does it make elections unfair and inaccurate?

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Number 1
With the constitution dividing the government into three arms; legislative, executive, and
judicial, checks and balances were set up to ensure no single branch would be able to control too
much power. An example of checks and balances can be seen in the making of laws. The
legislative arm of the government is responsible for making laws. However, these laws have to
be checked by the president, who is in the executive arm of the government. Th...

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