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i am looking for someone with a background in biology for help with a bio lab Taxonomy, Classification and the System of Binomial Nomenclature

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Hi there here is the lab. Please review it and let me know if you need changes made.

Lab 10 Worksheet
Compose answers to the questions below and save the file as a backup copy in the event that a
technical problem is encountered while attempting to submit the assignment. Make sure to run
a spell check.
You will be submitting your answers to the lab assignment in two parts. The first part of the lab
assignment consists of the laboratory exercise questions. The second part of the lab
assignment is the application question. The first textbox on the submission page corresponds
to the first part of the lab. Be sure to paste the laboratory exercise questions, with your
answers, into this textbox. The second textbox on the submission page will be for your
response to the application question.
NOTE: FORMAT COUNTS on any scientific names, or when writing a genus or species
designation. This lab assignment has questions related to binomial nomenclature. Please note
that the assessment system does not accept formatted text, so you will need to indicate any
italicized words by adding “IT” in parentheses after each word that is to be written in italics, (IT).
For example, the common fruit fly is genus Drosphila and species melanogaster. When written, it
is Drosophila melanogaster. From this example, the correct way to represent the italicized words
is by typing, Drosphila (IT) melanogaster (IT).
~~1. Record the classes for each of the following arthropods, as determined from the
dichotomous key. (16 points)
Organism 1 Arachnida (IT)
Organism 2 Insecta (IT)
Organism 3 Insecta (IT)
Organism 4 Crustacea (IT)
Organism 5 Crustacea (IT)
Organism 6 Arachnida (IT)
Organism 7 Crustacea (IT)
Organism ...

Really helpful material, saved me a great deal of time.


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