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I want you to use Auto Cad to design a scheme of higher secondary school. there is attached paper of the sizes that the instructors needs us to use for the design. the second attachment is thing you need to include in the design! (take a look)

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AREA (IN M2) ARCH3110N IBRA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY Department of Engineering ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN 3 - SUMMER 2018-19 HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL S I AIEMEN I А A BAD A RE 5x6 SxG 5x6 ER SPACE spaces (A) with attached toilet attached toilet AY 2018-19, Summer Semester بابرا ASTERIS 15 Ibra كلية SITE PLAN - QUIZ College echnote ARCH3110N ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN 3 Student Name: Student ID: 10 Section: 01 DATE: one way הון) 1. Make the site plan for the provided site showing the following: kaus a. om road reduce Gm I E ing C. (Back sid) euber d. 2way roadlihs 2 e e. rg f. from g. Parking (20 Cars) $16 60 b. Landscape and Trees/Plants (Green) O Building Layout (Minimum 2 Floors) and Entry/Exit Play Area/Field om Entry Exit on site (Separate entry for service vehicles) Setback (Front – 10.0m, Back – 3.0m, Sides – 5.0m)-> Service Room crual leiebios chuo bi h. Roads (All Two way with both direction traffic) and Pathways (minimum 1.0 wide) i. North Direction j. Security Guard Room lom? * near the eubery Teachi eute have S k. Outdoor furniture بس عاري باقي الاتا ] 1. طرق الحفل Circulation on Site والخرو) الخرن Saftey Use the following details: i. Site Area - 5500 m2 ii . Service Room - 50 m2 [7 iſi . Security Guard Room - 10 m2 -- Any missing data has to be assumed and applied. SITE PLAN A. SITE PLAN 70.00 m 50.00 m А 25.00 m 90.00 m o R 40.00 m 50.00 m R O D Page 5 of 5
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I was having a hard time with this subject, and this was a great help.


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