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PSY 2010 UNIT I discussion board question

Which of the theories discussed in the unit resonates with you the most? Please give a concrete example of why you feel this way.

My classmate wrote this and I have to comment on it:

I think all theories discussed through the Unit's reading are important. The behavior study is th study of the degree to which genes and environmental factors influence behavior. I think resonates most with me. I was always extremely interested in abnormal behavior, serial killers or what makes individual do certain things. I always come back that it has something to do with how they grew up, the environment, the guardians and more. I think genes have a lot to do on how a person turns out, IQ is associated with genes or being athletic.

PSY 2010 UNIT II discussion board question

What is your reaction to the material in this unit about the diagnostic process of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), as well as the other methodologies used to assess for psychological conditions? Does one methodology of assessment seem more desirable to you than others? Describe why and how this methodology might provide an advantage in diagnosing a client.

HCA 1301 UNIT I discussion board question

In your opinion, do you feel it is necessary for medical administrative staff who do not work directly with patients to have knowledge of how medical terminology is built and what each part of a medical term means? Why, or why not?

My classmate wrote this and I have to comment on it :

Yes I do feel that it is necessary for medical administrative staff to still have knowledge of how medical terminology is built and what it means. I feel it is important because they still have to be able to describe what is going on with the patient when they check in. If the patient has basic question regarding there issue administrative staff should be able to help. What if one day someone is out and you have to fill in for them and that consists of dealing with a patient. You wouldn`t be prepared. I feel that it`s always better to know a little more than what is actuallyrequired of your job duties because you never know when you will be needed, especially in the medical field.

HCA 1301 UNIT II discussion board question

Share an example of how an administrative healthcare professional may use knowledge of directional terms, planes, and regions of the human body in their position.

HCA 1301 Unit I Assesment question

Describe strategies that healthcare personnel can use to define and build medical terms.

Your response must be 200 words in length.

PSY 2010 unit I power point


For this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation that completes the following:

  • Explore the history of psychopathology, including historical approaches, institutional treatments, and methods used today. Ensure that you explore the conceptualization of mental illness over time and describe the evolution of mental illness treatment methods.
  • Analyze the influence of nature versus nurture among the current psychological paradigms by explaining whether each school of thought tends toward nature, nurture, or both. Please justify your reasoning with one original example for each.

Your presentation should be eight slides long, not counting the title slide and reference slide, and should follow APA formatting and guidelines. References should be properly cited in a reference list at the end of your presentation. You may utilize bullets, lists, charts, tables, paragraphs, images, etc. for your presentation. Ensure the presentation that you create is your own authentic work.

Two credible sources should be used for this assignment.

Do not utilize the note section of your presentation. Do not narrate your presentation.

PSY 2010 Unit II Essay

Imagine that you are a well-known blogger. You like to create blogs that are designed to educate your readers about abnormal psychology. For this assignment, you will write your next blog.

In your blog posting, please cover the following.

  • Introduce Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), along with at least two other diagnostic tools. Remember that your readers have never heard of DSM-5, so you need to explain in your own words how this manual is used.
  • Introduce and explain the topic of cultural competency to your readers so that they know how psychology aims to be inclusive and account for cultural differences.

Your blog post should be compiled in a Word document. Feel free to be creative by adding graphics, charts, etc. to your post. It should be two pages in length and follow proper APA formatting and guidelines. Please include a reference page. The reference page does not count towards the total page requirement for this assignment. You should utilize one source from the CSU Online Library and your textbook for this assignment.

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PSY 2010 UNIT I Discussion Board Question
Amongst the theories that define abnormal psychology in this unit, the one that I find to
be of most influence and effect is the biological approach which combines the understanding of
the human nervous system with the knowledge of genetics to describe abnormal behaviors’ in
human beings. I find it influential that the work of Francis Galton (1822-1911) on behavioral
characteristics was used by investigators at the start of the twentieth century (Barlow, 2014). It is
argued that investigators become astonished by the fact that psychological disorders might run
down various family settings. It is during such times that a lot of studies began to document the
heritability of psychological disorder.
Comment to a Classmates Post
It is indeed true that all the theories that have been discussed in this unit are important
and that the behavior study is the learning of the extent to which both genes and the
environmental factors affect different behaviors. Psychologically speaking, it is the ways in
which human beings behave and has something to do with the environment that they were
growing up. However, I find it difficult to agree with your argument that genes have much to do
with how a person eventually turns out to be. Tsuang, Tohen, and Jones (2011) claim that gene
and our genetic makeup only control a small percentage of our overall characteristics and
PSY 2010 UNIT II Discussion Board Question
The materials presented in this units reading on the diagnostic process of Diagnostic and
Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders gives the student a deep insight into the psychological
analysis of various mental and health abnormalities as well as providing them with the



appropriate knowledge to asses various psychological conditions. Amongst all the methodologies
to explaining abnormal mental behaviors, the specific methodology that stands out is the
behavioral perspective and approach to mental health. This approach specifically focuses on the
psychopathology of behaviors and observable behaviors amongst individuals. This hence
facilitates easy diagnosis of any given patient who is likely to develop mental health disorders
(Barlow, 2014).
HCA 1301 UNIT I Discussion Board Question
As a medical administrative staff, it is also very important that one familiarizes
themselves with medical terminologies to comprehend what they mean. At times, patients and
their families might ask medical questions to the administrative staff about their diagnosis while
such patients are checking in. Such staff members may be required to give an immediate answer
to the patient instead of having to consult with a doctor. Providing an immediate answer shows
professionalism and concern for one’s work and duties (Chad, Noggle, and Raymond, 2012). In
cases of medical emergencies, such administrative staff ...

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