Future Trends in Terrorism

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Terrorism is changing. The motives may remain relatively stable, but tactics and objectives evolve. As terrorists attempt attacks and are thwarted or are successful, they learn new ways to perpetrate their attacks. These attacks can be physical (bombing, shooting, kidnapping, et cetera) or technology-related (cyber-attacks, online scams, viruses, encryption, et cetera). Identifying the types and understanding adequate responses is important for people in all levels of law enforcement. In this discussion, you will identify some of these changes and how law enforcement needs to respond to it.

As the captain of your local police municipality, suppose your chief wants to know where terrorism is heading in the future. Specifically, what types of attacks are likely, and what are some solutions to identify, prevent, and respond to those attacks? He has asked you for a brief summary of the following, based on research.

For your initial discussion post:

  • Summarize one technological trend and one non-technology related tactic that scholars think international terrorism will utilize in the future.
  • Explain a U.S. law enforcement response to one of each of the technological trends and non-technological tactics that scholars think international terrorism will use in the future.
  • Determine how each of the identified responses will mitigate the threat posed by these future technological trends and non-technological tactics.

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