The Matrix versus The Allegory of The Cave Discussion

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This is a Philosophy and Film course.

The Film you will Watch to Write about

" The Matrix (1999)

Descartes, 1st and 2nd Meditations

Discourse on Method, Parts 1 and 2 "

Then you will follow the attachment file to write this paper.

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First Paper Assignment Philosophy and Film Summer 2019 Write three pages paper (double-spaced) on one of the following, using the following template for the filename: 1123LastName11.docx. A good interpretation of a movie, for this course, should do three things: Make sense of what is happening in the movie; shed some light on the problems or dilemmas of our time, contemporary American, or modern society; and relate it to some of the philosophical issues raised by the readings. The Matrix weaves these things together. There are some key scenes which might be useful to consider: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Neo’s initial meeting with Morpheus His waking up in the pod and flushing out of the machinery of the Matrix Morpheus showing him what the Matrix is and the “desert of the real” The interrogation of Morpheus by Agent Smith Neo’s visit to the Oracle The scene in which Cypher betrays his comrades over a steak dinner Write a single paper in which you say what the philosophical meaning of the movie is—not necessarily what you think the Wachowski brothers want to say, but what you think the movie shows, intentionally or not. Try to relate either Plato or Descartes (or both) to this. You are free to follow you own interpretation here, but here are some avenues you might consider: 1. How The Matrix reflects inherent contradictions, existential dilemmas, or insoluble paradoxes in the modern world, predicated on a Cartesian universe, radically separating subjective and objective, the realm of meaning and purpose and the realm of physical reality, mind and matter. 2. How The Matrix highlights the problem of modern alienation and utopianism bred by the closed world of market society or high technology. 3. How it explores the ways in which Virtual Reality (digitally generated “reality” such as in the video-game world), to the degree it takes over culture with its immersive power, actually serves to disintegrate it into chaos. 4. How The Matrix assumes a closed world (a world without “Platonic” transcendence, or reference to a divinity outside and beyond it) and how that very closure entails the split between appearance and reality, the Matrix (within the movie) and the “desert of the real.” 5. The character and type of Neo, and the ambiguity of whether Neo is actually waking up or dreaming, whether it is a fantasy of heroism in which he casts himself as the savior. 6. How it probes the relation of two classic science fiction themes in The Matrix: the notions that reality might be a total illusion constructed behind the scenes by some malevolent force, and that of the conflict of man and intelligent machines. 7. The “Marxist” and utopian elements of the movie. 8. Its view of human freedom—freedom versus slavery and choice versus determinism. 9. Any combination of these themes, or others not mentioned. ...
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Philosophy and the Film
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Films are taken as objects of philosophical reflection and also a medium of getting
involved in philosophy. Movies can be used as a source of an example and illustration or a
resource that is used to illuminate philosophical ideas, positions, and questions. Films can also be
understood as being a philosophizing medium. A proper film interpretation sheds some light on
current issues or dilemmas, the modern society and the relation of the film to some philosophical
issues. This paper is analyses of "The Matrix" film to get its philosophical meaning, for instance,
to interpret how the movie reflects inherent contradictions or insoluble paradoxes in the modern
society and many other different interpretations.
“The Matrix”
The Matrix is a 1999 science fiction action movie that is written by Wachowskis. The
main stars are Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving, and Laurence Fishburne
(Wachowski, et al., 1999). The movie displays dystopian future and a dazzling cyber adventure
and the movie events are said to be happening in the year 2199, a computer simulated program.
Machines created matrix simulation with Artificial Intelligence that was created by humans in
the 21 century. In the movie, the AI is enslaving humankind after a fall out where AI views
human as a significant threat to existence. However...

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