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Organic Restaurant Problem Worth Solving Business Pitch Presentation

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Create a business pitch for your business plan in a 20- to 25-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that addresses the following:

  • Company
  • Headline
  • Problem Worth Solving
  • Our Solution
  • Target Market
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Funding Needs
  • Sales Channels
  • Marketing Activities
  • Forecast
  • Milestones
  • Team and Key Roles
  • Partners and Resources

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Running head: BUSINESS PLAN


Studio67 Organic Restaurant Business Plan
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Slide 1
Studio67 Organic Restaurant is a medium sized restaurant
The restaurant will offer organic food
Studio67 Organic Restaurant will also provide ethnic cuisines
The restaurant will operate from Portland, Oregon
The restaurant will focus on purchasing locally

Studio67 Organic Restaurant is a new restaurant business opening in the city of Portland in Oregon.
The business intends to offer organic foods and creative ethnic cuisines to its clients. The business
hopes to grow in the food and hospitality business through the use of natural ingredients in its
meals. The restaurant also plans to procure most of its requirement locally and only import the
necessary stuff that may be available locally. Due to the expanding awareness of healthy eating
habits and the increased desire for fitness, the business projects continued growth in this industry
(Zavadynska, 2018).

Slide 2
Products and Services offered
Studio67 Organic Restaurant provide a social environment to relax
Provide a conducive place to dine



Studio67 Organic Restaurant will provide a conducive environment for holding meetings and
A trendy place to have fun

Studio67 Organic Restaurant intends to provide unique experiences to the clients. The restaurant
plans to create a social environment where individuals can come to relax and have fun with friends
and family. The restaurant will provide a pleasant dining environment too, with chilling music to
clients. Studio67 Organic Restaurant will also offer an excellent place for boardroom meetings
and conferences to clients at an affordable price.

Slide 3
Products and Services offered (Cont.)
A unique menu with ethnic recipes
Healthy organic meals
Diversity in providing different cuisines
Use chef’s recommendations
Spacious to accommodate various activities and large gatherings

The restaurant will focus on offering healthy organic food that will be freshly made by qualified
chefs. The organic meals will comprise of foods from diverse ethnic groups across the world. Some
of the ethnic, organic cuisines that Studio67 Organic Restaurant will incorporate in the menu
include Italian meals, Chinese meals, Mexican, Thai, and Spanish meals, among others. The focus
area will be ensuring the meals all comprise of organic ingredients. The restaurant will use



recommendations from expert chefs on the recipes and improving the menu over time. Due to the
projected growth, Studio67 Organic Restaurant will acquire enough space to accommodate the
anticipated growth; the area will allow the restaurant to accommodate large gatherings as well as
make it possible to host different activities at the same time.

Slide 4
The Focus on Organic and Ethnic Foods
Studio67 Organic Restaurant has opted for organic and ethnic cuisines for several reasons:
-The increasing demand for organic foods
-Need to offer fresh food to clients, with no chemicals
-To provide nutrient-rich meals
-More profits
-Easy to market

Studio67 Organic Restaurant took into consideration several factors before deciding on focusing
on organic and ethnic meals. There is an increasing demand for organic meals hence a ready market
for the products (Borisova, 2017). The restaurant also wants to offer fresh and healthy foods to
clients, and conventional foods may not cater for that. The organic foods will allow the business
to provide healthy foods that have no chemicals and are rich in various nutrients (Zavadynska,
2018). Due to the high demand for organic foods, it will be easy for the business to market itself
and this additionally increases business productivity.

Slide 5



Focus on Organic and Ethnic Foods (Cont.)
-To be environmentally responsible
-To offer more appetizing meals
-To Maintain a Sustainable Atmosphere
-To provide varieties with from different ethnic groups
-To support local communities
Studio67 Organic Restaurant also focuses on conserving the environment by promoting organic
foods that require organic ingredients. Clients are aware of the chemicals present in conventional
foods; therefore, makes organic meals more appealing to them due to the absence of such
chemicals (Ha, Park & Park, 2016). Organic foods will additionally aid the restaurant in supporting
locals since the ingredients will be locally acquired. By offering organic foods, the restaurant
creates a sustainable environment and is in this way building its image and reputation.
Incorporating ethnic meals in the menu will allow the restaurant to diversify and offer a variety of
meals from different ethnicities, this is likely to increase the market share of the restaurant.
Slide 6
Possible Challenges
The high cost of organic ingredients
Requires a lot of equipment’s in preparation and storage compared to conventional meals
Difficulties in getting reliable distributors of the organic ingredients
Lack of knowledge on organic meals to individuals in the targets market
Cultural values and lifestyles that do not promote organic foods
Government Nutrition Standards - Agencies & Institutions



The restaurant has identified some problems/challenges in its line of specialization that may hinder
or reduce the success business. Organic ingredients required for preparing organic meals are
costlier than components required in conventional meals. This reduces the demand for restaurant
products and additionally affects profitability. The ingredients additionally need specialized
storage and preparation equipment's, which is an additional expense to the business. Accessing
reliable distributors to supply the ingredients is another problem for the business. Most individuals
in the target market are not aware of organic food and its benefits, additionally, culture and lifestyle
promote junk foods, and this reduces the demand for organic foods. Not meeting the government
restrictions and standards may also pose a problem.

Slide 7
Solutions to the problem
Marketing strategies that inform on organic foods and their benefits
Sourcing for reliable local suppliers
Complying with government nutrition standards

To solve the challenges, Studio67 Organic Restaurant will engage in thorough marketing
campaigns that will aim at advertising the brand through creating awareness of its existence and
educating the target groups on the importance of organic foods; this will increase demand through
lifestyle changes (Borisova, 2017). The restaurant will also source for reliable suppliers who will
provide the required ingredients on time and at reasonable rates. The restaurant will also ensure
that it complies with all government requirements to operate smoothly.



Slide 8
Target Market

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