Pediatric Respiratory Cases Upper Respiratory Infections Discussion Paper

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Need the below discussion question answered 300 words in APA format with 3 scholarly sources less than  5 years old with citation.  no cover page needed  

Pediatric Respiratory Cases ( I have seen kids with asthma, Bronchiolitis, and Upper respiratory infections) 

This week’s Discussion will focus on sharing experiences that you have encountered so far in your pediatric clinical rotation, specifically with children who present with respiratory disorders or conditions. Please post your initial response and respond to your classmates for a rich conversation. 

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Respiratory infections are common in children, although they can be prevented to avoid extreme
future consequences. For instance, in this discussion, I will focus on asthma, upper infections, and
bronchiolitis in children that I encountered during my clinical rotation. Firstly, asthma in children
is considered to be caused by inhalation of pollen, cold infection, genetic inheritance, or other
infections of respiratory that lead to inflamed or swollen air passages, thus causing breathing
difficulties. Ch...

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