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RUNNING Head: REFLECTION PAPER [Type text] Reflection Paper Venealus Chew Liberty University 511 November 16, 2017 1 RUNNING Head: REFLECTION PAPER [Type text] 1 Reflection Paper A requirement for this course is to read the workbook and watch the videos related to the video. The workbook includes things that are not pointed out in the video and vice versa. The video gives the watcher the ability to see how the group involves during each stage that we read about in the other readings required for the course. It also gave us an opportunity to see how the leader and co-leader redirect the focus and encourage members to share ideas and their vulnerability. The video also gave me a chance to see how I should incorporate my skills into the group that I decide to lead during this class. We were asked to pick one person that we identified with the most in the group while watching the video. I would have to say that Jaqueline was the one that I identified with the most. The reasoning behind this is because like her, I am an African American female. She was able to explain how she feels concerning her ethnicity and her experiences in life and not only in the group. When asked who are you aware of in this group. Jaqueline told the group that she identified to James and how he feels misplaced in society because of his culture. Jaqueline shared how she felt out of the group when the other ladies were talking about washing their hair, because in our culture we do not wash our hair every day. I can relate to this because growing up I was always placed in classes were it was only one, two, or even sometimes no other African American kids. I was placed in these classes because I was highly intelligent, so I was placed in accelerated/honors classes. I can think back and remember how I felt so out of place with things that the other students would talk about such as; hunting, country music, and RUNNING Head: REFLECTION PAPER [Type text] 1 things that they were allowed to do at home that I was not. I could remember one girl talking about how tangled and dry her hair was. She also talked about how she was going to get a perm to make her hair curly. I remember telling her that perms straighten you hair not make it curly. Right then the entire group of girls in the bathroom laughed at my comment. Not only did I feel out of place, I felt embarrassed. At that moment of time I more like I didn’t belong than I had ever felt. Jacqueline did a good job of explaining how she felt while the other members were talking about their hair. Jacqueline was able to explain to directly to another member, Jyl about how she felt. I can also identify with Jacqueline when she said she pulled back from the conversation because she felt like she wasn’t going to say anything nice. This is something that I would have done as well in a group setting. When asked how she was different from members of the group she shared how it’s not only the way that they look, but its life experiences that are different. Group leaders were able to get everyone in the room to share about how Jacqueline’s comments made them feel. Group leaders asked Jacqueline how did it make her feel during the conversation between the other members and why did she feel that way in order to open up the door for discussions concerning diversity. The group leaders also asked Jacqueline who could she identify with and she was able to repeat a comment that Casey made that made her feel a connection with her. Group leaders did a great job of asking questions that opened up doors to release built up tension or perceived ideas about members. Group leaders also showed empathy towards the member I identified with the most by saying they can’t imagine how that feels so help them RUNNING Head: REFLECTION PAPER [Type text] 1 paint a picture by using her words and experiences. The group leaders did a good job of active listening, encouraging, multicultural understanding, and use of leader’s energy. After Jyl shared with the group how Jacqueline’s comments made her feel, group leaders asked Jacqueline to share how she felt. Jacqueline made it a point to empathize to the group that how Jyl didn’t feel safe showing her true self around her is how she feels every single day. Jacqueline told the group that she never feels safe sharing her ideas, thoughts, or sometimes even her experiences due to the fear of being judged or even being punished by society. Jyl, was then able to apologize to Jacqueline and tell her she will never be able to understand issues with culture, but she can share prejudice towards women. This discussion was able to build trust within the members and leaders. The leaders did a good job by setting the tone and taking control of the conversations at hand. The leaders were able to allow members to connect and discuss hidden issues within each member. The leaders also allowed members to identify allies within the group. At the beginning of the video Jacqueline made a comment about how she felt stupid because she was babbling on and on during the pre-meeting that took place. Leaders continued to question her about why was she feeling this way and to explain to the group what she meant by her comments about herself. Other members showed active listening, self-disclosure, and identifying allies within the group. Members did not judge one another and were able to share and connect to one another on a deeper level with the help of the leaders. Leaders also used pairing members with one another to open up the floor for discussions. You were visibility and vocally hear the transition within the group. RUNNING Head: REFLECTION PAPER [Type text] References: Corey, G. (2014). STUDENT WORKBOOK FOR Groups in Action: Evolution and Challenges. Australia: BROOKS/COLE CENGAGE Learning. Jacobs, E. E., Schimmel, C. J., Masson, R. L., & Harvill, R. L. (2016). Group counseling: strategies and skills. Boston, MA: Cengage learning. 1 ...
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