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1200 words total . 3 APA cited references and reference list. PLEASE NO PLAGIARISM!!

1. In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case.

2. Considering the results of Christine's survey of her managers regarding the reorganization, should she proceed with moving all three offices at once or should she relocate the offices in a piecemeal fashion? Why or why not?

3. How do different organizational cultures develop in the four claims' offices of the same insurance company, all located in one geographic region of the United States?

4. What could Christine, as the overall supervisor of all four claim's offices, have done to promote cultural harmony among and between the offices?

For questions 5 & 6 125 words each (250 total) 2 apa cited references and reference list. PLEASE No PLAGIARISM!!!

5. Discuss some of the differences between managerial and financial accounting information. (i.e. one is historical in nature the other is future-oriented, one has to comply with GAAP)

6.What is ethics and what makes it important to managerial accounting decision making?


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5. Differences between Managerial and Financial Accounting Information
Administrative and Monetary accounting information has some differences because
administrative accounting deals with historical data, whereas the monetary accounting
information looks at the future and has to factor in GAAP (Jackson et al. 2007). Generally,
the financial accounting information refers to making financial reports of the entire business
as well as assessing the profitability of the company. The financial records should be accurate
and precise. Financial accounting is geared towards generating financial statements which
can be used to determine the outcomes of a company. On the other hand, managerial
accounting looks at the overall system of the company and how the system has contributed to
making profits at every level. Administrative accounting uses estimates rather than facts
when making reports (Nohel & Todd, 2004). Administrative accounting checks on what is
causing problems and recommends on how those problems can be fixed.
6. Ethics and What Makes It Important To Managerial Accounting Decision Making
Business ethics are moral principles that govern professional behavior in a business
environment. Managerial ethics is essential to managerial accounting decision making
because it ensures that all the financial information, whether negative or positive, is availed to
the business stakeholders (Jackson et al. 2007). This is important because the business
owners will make an informed decision based on the status of the business. Accountants who
are not ethical do not give adverse reports because of personal gains. Failure to provide an
accurate description can affect the process of decision making. Entrepreneurs require to be
provided with the correct information to make informed decisions. Managerial accounting
ethics is also important because it makes employees trustworthy to the extent of being
entrusted with sensitive business information.

Nohel, T., & Todd, S...

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