ACCT001A Annual Report and Incomes Project about Ford Auto Research Essay

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9. Identify the following for the last two years: Revenues Expenses Income from Operations Net Income Perform a horizontal analysis (Chapter 13) on the above information. (5 points) 10. Referencing the Statement of Cash Flows identify the following information for two years: A. Largest Use of cash from Investing activities and amounts. These will be negative amounts. (2 points) B. Largest Source of Cash from Financing activities and amounts. These will be positive amounts. (2 points) 11. Get an article dated 2018 or 2019 that mentions your company - not a press release. This article can be about anything not just financial information - it just needs to mention your company. Print it out and include it in your report. Summarize it briefly. (4 points) Annual Report III: Due June 5, 2019 [39 points] Approximately 3 pages plus the portion of the annual report you used. 12. The name of the company. (1 point) 13. Calculate the following ratios for two years. They are all included in Chapter 13 of our text. This is best presented in an excel spreadsheet. Include your calculations and a short comment as to whether the change in the ratio is positive or negative for the company and what it means specifically for your company. (3 points each: 1 for each year and 1 for comment for A through K; 1 point for L comment) Total 34 points) A. Current Ratio B. Profit Margin C. Receivables Turnover Ratio D. Average Collection Period E. Inventory Turnover F. Days in Inventory G. Debt to Assets Ratio H. Free Cash Flow I. Price Earnings Ratio J. Return on Assets K. Asset Turnover L. Earnings per share – take this from the income statement. 14. If you had purchased 100 shares of this corporation on January 2, 2019 and kept it until you complete Annual Report III (late May or early June), how much would you have gained or lost. Show all of the information and the calculation. Include a brief statement as to whether you would be willing to invest in this company and why. (4 points) Annual Report II: Due May 8, 2019 [24 points) No more than 2 pages in length plus the portion of the annual report you used. 6. The name of the company.(1 point) 7. The ticker symbol and closing stock price of the company's stock as of January 2, 2019. Look at the Statement of Stockholders' Equity. Were dividends issued? (Yes or No and the total amount.) 4 points) 8. Looking at the notes of the financial statements, summarize the following policies: 6 points) A. Revenue recognition B. Inventory C. Property, plant and equipment Annual Report Project Accounting 1A Pasadena City College Spring 2019 Choose a publicly traded company with an annual report dated 2018. You can find these on the Internet. You will need to print out some of the pages, including the financial statements. BE SURE the company has INVENTORY and ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE. You will know this by looking at the company's balance sheet. You will also need the balance sheet for the prior year so that you can complete the two years of ratios (See #13). You will need to include each of the pages of the report that you use to complete your project. Using the annual report and the internet answer the following questions:
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Running head: ANNUAL REPORT II


Annual Report II
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Annual Report II
6) Company Name: Ford Motor Company
7) Ticker Symbol in NYSE: F
Stock Closing Price 02/01/2019: $7.90
Statement of Stockholders Equity
Were dividends issued? Ford Motor Company issued dividends of $3,677,000,000 to its
8) Notes of the Financial Statements
Revenue Recognition
The company financial statements are presented in accordance with the U.S. general accepted
accounting principles (GAAP).
Ford Credit’s assets includes primarily of fixed-rate retail installment sale and operating lease
contracts and floating rate wholesale receivables. Thus, dealers are the one who keeps inventory
of the company. The company doesn’t have inventory risk as all the inventory risk is transferred
to dealers.
Property, Plant and equipment




Amount before accumulated depreciation, depletion and amortization of physical assets used in
the normal conduct of business and not intended for resale. Examples include, but are not limited
to, land, buildings, machinery and equipment, office equipment, and furniture and fixtures.
9) Identification of Revenues, Expenses, Income from Operation and Net Income
All numbers in thousands









Income from Operation



Net Income



Horizontal Analy...

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