WWII: Compare and contrast the features of these systems and assess their continued impact on the global community.

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Since the end of WWII, international relations have been framed by the conflict between liberal governments and communist ideals. Compare and contrast the features of these systems and assess their continued impact on the global community. Please be certain to explain classical and modern liberalism, socialism, and communism within your responses and provide examples to support your points.

Dec 14th, 2015

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Differences between Capitalism and Communism


  • System of government is democratic
  • Property is privately owned
  • Driven by free enterprise
  • Wealth distributed unevenly
  • Education and health care provided by private entities
  • Freedom of the press Class distinctions: upper class, middle class and working class
  • Focus is on the individual and his/her own progress in life


  • System of government is totalitarian
  • Property is owned by the state
  • No free enterprise is allowed
  • Wealth distributed equally
  • Education and health care provided by the state
  • Press controlled and owned by the state
  • Classless society: all members of society are considered to be equal
  • Focus is on the progress of the community as a whole

Following this Capitalism and communism have the following opposing sets of ideas:

The ideology of capitalism

  • People need freedom
  • When people compete against one another, they achieve greater things
  • Some people have more than others because they make better use of their abilities
  • Governments should not interfere with the rights of individuals to make their own living
  • The government should interfere in the economy as little as possible

The ideology of communism

  • People need one another
  • When people work together as equals, they achieve greater things
  • No-one should have more than anyone else - everybody's needs are equally important
  • Governments should make sure that everyone's needs are being met
  • There is central control of the economy

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Dec 14th, 2015

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Dec 14th, 2015
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