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  • Islam believes: a) That God is one, b) That we must put God first, c) That a good Muslim provides for charity, d) all of the above
  • Augustine explained the human condition as a fall into ____________
  • For Abelard the death of Jesus saves us: a) by inspiring love in us, b) by paying the devil, c) by dying in our place, d) all of the above
  • How does Anselm’s view of the death of Jesus differ from Abelard’s?
  • True or False: most scholars agree that the historical Jesus was a faith healer
  • The Christian Doctrine of the Trinity claims that: a) There are three gods, b) the one God is made known to us in three primary ways, c) one is the holiest number, d) Jesus is one of the Angels
  • Which of the following is not one of the three major branches of Christianity: a) Catholicism, b) Orthodoxy, c) Protestantism, d)Reconstructivism
  • True or False: Muhammad is worshiped by Muslims
  • The Arabic word for God is: a) Yahweh, b) Ganesha, c) Allah, d) Jehova
  • The Holy book of Islam is called : a) The Quran, b) The Torah, c) The Gita, d) none of the above
  • Which of these is part of ancient Judaism: a) temple, b)priests, c) king, d) all of the above
  • What does Buddhism teach about the nature of change and permanence?
  • .What is the Hindu concept of God?
  • What is a major difference between Eastern and Western Christianity

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1. D
2. Augustine explained the human condition as a fall to vanity. He explained the fall as moving
away from God bring...

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