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Prompt: Write a 7-8-page (c.1400-1600 words) paper, including references and endnotes. The paper topic can be either an in-depth historical treatment of a single group (including the same one as for the single-issue review) or a comparison of two groups, using more than one methodology

I did my outline on Jehovah's Witness (it is attached below) .. so basically what I need is talk in depth about Jehovah's Witnesses and explain the characteristics of the leader of this religion and how he was able to make people believe in him. also I attached below some other religious groups try to compare one of them to Jehovah's Witnesses and explain the similarities they share and the differences they have. also use 3 to 4 good sources and use SHORT and STRAIGHTFORWARD quotes please.

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RELI 188 – Spring 2019 - CULTS in AMERICA Single Review (10% of grade). Write a three-page review of a single new religious movement and apply at least one of the methodologies reviewed in class or reading (600 to 750 words plus bibliography and endnotes). Due May 6 in class. You may review one of the NRMs on our syllabus that we have not yet covered,or select from the list below. NXIVM [Cults and Extreme Belief, Amazon] Jehovah’s Witnesses [Cults and Extreme Belief, Amazon] United Nation of Islam, UNOI [Cults and Extreme Belief, Amazon] Rachael Twelve Tribes [Cults and Extreme Belief, Amazon] FLDS [Cults and Extreme Belief, Amazon] Exclusive Brethren [How to Spot a Cult, Amazon] International Church of Christ [How to Spot a Cult, Amazon] Tony Alamo Ministries [People Magazine, Investigating Cults, Amazon] Word of Life Church [People Magazine, Investigating Cults, Amazon] Yahweh Ben Yahweh [People Magazine, Investigating Cults, Amazon] Army of God [People Magazine, Investigating Cults, Amazon] Michael Travesser, cult leader of Strong City [The End of the world Cult; inside a cult: Messiah on Trial, Amazon] Buddhafield [Holy Hell, Netflix] Transcendental Meditaiton/Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Church of Satan (Anton LaVey 1960s) The Satanic Temple (founded 2013, received Tax Exempt Status, 2019) Multi-level Marketing (MLM): e.g., Amway, Herbalife Nutrition, Mary Kae) Self-Realization Fellowship (Paramahansa Yogananda) Andrew Keegan’s Full Circle Spiritual Community Landmark Forum Yassine Thabti Jehovah's Witnesses (JW's) Introduction Jehovah's Witnesses (JW's) refers to a religious organization. JW’s is popular in the United States. JW's beliefs are based on the biblical teachings of Charles Taze Russell. JW's teachings are majorly spread using the Watchtower magazine. Besides, JW's are through via congregation meetings and conventions. Even though JW's is part of the Christian denomination, it is popular for its nontrinitarian beliefs that are distinct from the mainstream Christianity. It is worth noting that all the JW's are act as per directions from the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses, which comprises of a group of elders living in Warwick, New York. This group has the responsibility of establishing all the doctrines depending on its interpretation of the Bible. According to the JW's, the ultimate destruction of the present earth is imminent. For this reason, they opine that establishing a God's kingdom over the death is the sole solution for the entire problems that humanity faces. This paper will provide the critical analysis of the Jehovah's Witnesses (JW's). Formation ● ● ● It originated as a section of a the Bible Student movement that developed across the U.S in the 1870s particularly among Charles Taze Russell’s followers Taze Russell was a minister of the Christian Restorationist The church opened its first oversee branch outside the United states in 1900 in London Organization ● ● ● ● The JW is theocratic. This means that it is governed from the divine Top down The church teaches that people must choose between either God’s organization or Satan’s organization As per the watch tower publications teachings, the bible is an "organizational book" belonging not to individuals Also, the church believes that the Bible cannot be accurately understood deprived of the guidance by "Jehovah's visible organization" Beliefs Held by JW's ● ● ● ● They do not believe in the trinity They believe that Jesus is not equal with God (Jehovah) They do not believe that the holy spirit is equal with(Jehovah) They do not celebrate most of the Christian holidays, including Easter and Christmas ● ● ● ● They try to maintain political neutrality They are controversial with regard to their belief in medical help. For example, they are reject blood transfusions even in critical health conditions They use a Bible version referred to as The new World Translation They hold the belief that their denomination is a restoration of the 1st century Jehovah's Witnesses believe their denomination is a restoration of first-century Christianity
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Jehovah’s Witnesses


Jehovah’s Witnesses

The Jehovah's Witnesses (JWs) is a religious organization that is hugely popular in the
United States and founded on the biblical teachings of Charles Taze Rusell, which is spread to
different parts of the world through the organization's publication; Watchtower. Also, the
religious organization uses its congregation meetings and conventions to teach its non-Trinitarian
beliefs, which is one of the sources of its distinction from mainstream Christianity. Members of
the denomination rely on the guidance and directions that are issued by its group of elders who
are known as the Governing Body and based in Warwick, New York. A significant belief that
influences the doctrine of the Jehovah's Witnesses is the destruction of the present world and the
establishment of God's Kingdom as the solution of the problems that humanity faces
(Pietkiewicz, 2014). Therefore, it is pertinent that a critical analysis of how the formation and
structure of JW are used spread its teachings to different parts of the world, especially the
characteristics of the leader that endeared him to his followers. Finally, a comparative analysis of
the religious organization with the practices and doctrines of the United Nations of Islam (NOI)
would be conducted to gain deeper insights into the significance of Jehovah's Witnesses.
Charles Taze Russell established the Jehovah's witnesses in 1879 after he split with
Nelson H. Barbour of the Bible Society Movement due to doctrinal differences. He formed the
organization as one that would propagate the message of the last days of the world and how
earthly, and human restitution under Christ's reign would be used to end all forms of sufferings
faced by humans. As one of the ministers of the Christian Restorationist movement, Russell



understood the methods for influencing the behavior of his congregation to follow his scriptural
teachings of the Bible through its topical study. Acco...

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