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Review all of your previous Learning Journal entries (from Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8). Then answer at least three of the following questions:

  • Share your best story of a time you applied something you learned in this course at work. What happened? What did you learn?
  • How have you grown as a leader during this term?
  • What aspect of your leadership style do you see as an area of improvement? Why?
  • If someone asked you in an elevator to tell them what leadership is and you only had thirty seconds to answer, what would you say?

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Running head: PERSUATION AND LEADERSHIP Persuasion and Leadership Institution Affiliation Date 1 PERSUATION AND LEADERSHIP 2 The wall street journal that we draw our argument on leadership is that by Kelsey Gee, namely the Future of Everything. I particularly choose this article because the author interviews one of the most successful leaders and co-founders of REDDIT Alexis Ohanian. Mr Ohanian has extensive knowledge in business management, leadership and persuasion. During the interview in the article, Mr Ohanian talks about and clearly expounds on matters leadership and persuasion as a leader. Ohanian explains that leadership is a power in which a specific individual has the ability to change and influence the beliefs and work attitude of other persons or staff members (Gee, 2019). Any manager or leader with strong persuasion and leadership abilities in any organization is at all times a good role model to their junior staff members and other top-level managers in the same organization. He explains that such a leader can be considered to be a strong and persuasive leader because he/she is able to achieve positive results in the organization by gaining the trust and adoration of their staff members thus changing their values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors. The other way in which he describes a leader is that a good and result oriented leader is able to give clear directions to his/her junior staff members. In so doing, they also lead their staff members to perform the duties that they themselves need to be done (Gee, 2019). He argues that effective and persuasive leaders in any given organization have a defined vision for the given organization, and as such, they can effectively sift out any problem that the organization has. By having such clearly defined vision for any organization, such leaders are able to effectively bring returns that shall keep the company abreast with other related companies in the same niche. PERSUATION AND LEADERSHIP 3 Reference Gee, K., (2019). REDDIT CO-FOUNDER ALEXIS OHANIAN WARNS ALWAYS-ON WORK CULTURE CREATING ‘BROKEN’ PEOPLE. Wall street journal. Running head: LEADERSHIP AND DECISION MAKING Leadership and Decision Making Institution Affiliation Date 1 LEADERSHIP AND DECISION MAKING 2 The reason why I chose this news article is because it touches on one of the world's renown visionary, exceptional and an influential leader. The article With Facebook at 'War,' Zuckerberg Adopts More Aggressive Style clearly, outlines one of the rational decisions that Mark Zuckerberg as the CEO of Facebook must make to lead the company out of "war." According to this article, "war" refers to the conflict that Facebook Inc. is involved with lawmakers, investors, and some users (Seetharaman, 2018). Regarding this, Zuckerberg emphasizes that he and other staff of Facebook have all it takes to move the company out of the conflict. Although Facebook has not been able to act accordingly in defining moments, Zuckerberg has promised to make amends. In another dimension, I chose this article because I wanted to figure out why Zuckerberg has not been able to unite Facebook employees during difficult times. The fallout between Zuckerberg and a section of his staff caught my eye. By reading the article, it is evident that leaders and particularly entrepreneurs go through difficult moments. Nevertheless, whichever the challenges, an effective leader like Zuckerberg must stand firm amidst the problems and find ways to counter them. What the article wants readers to know is that for one to become a successful entrepreneur and a visionary leader, one must have the skills of critical thinking. With such skill, aspiring leaders will be able to make a rational decision when they are in leadership positions. In a great extent, I like the insights brought forth by the article regarding the leadership qualities of Mark Zuckerberg. Any person who would want to be a successful entrepreneur, myself included, must envy and desire the leadership qualities exhibited by Mark Zuckerberg. As a visionary leader and a successful entrepreneur, I would like to have mental abilities for adaptive and positive behavior just like Mark Zuckerberg. These abilities will be of great LEADERSHIP AND DECISION MAKING 3 importance in effectively dealing with the demands as well as challenges I would encounter as a renowned entrepreneur. This article teaches me not to lose my cool when under pressure or in stressful situations. Just like Zuckerberg can calmly handle critics, I would do the same to help improve my relationship with colleagues and other people. LEADERSHIP AND DECISION MAKING Reference Seetharaman, D. (Nov. 19, 2018). With Facebook at 'War,' Zuckerberg Adopts More Aggressive Style. Retrieved from: 4 Running head: LEADERSHIP JOURNEY 1 Leadership Journey Name Institution LEADERSHIP JOURNEY 2 Leadership Journey Effective leadership is a critical ingredient for the achievement of sustainable success in every organization. Therefore, the successful completion of an individual's leadership journey should contribute positively to strengthening their leadership attributes. To reiterate the argument, I selected the article "key Traits for best Team Leaders' for analysis. My selection of the material was motivated by the fact that the traits of a leader profoundly influence their success chances. As such, the article provides useful insights into the different types of characteristics that I need to build to emerge as a successful leader. Also, I selected the article due to its reiteration on the relevance of fostering a collaborative spirit among teams to ensure that they deliver on their mandate. The article highlights four distinct traits that contribute positively to the success of a leader in any organizational setting. I selected the article due to the dynamism of the four features highlighted, including the creation of strong networks among workers, encouraging departmental collaboration, motivating collaborative action, and effective work structuring. Overall, the selection was based on the informative and precise nature of the article. The article exhibits a direct relationship to my leadership journey in various ways. First, my leadership journey entails learning the best traits that I can develop in a bid to become an effective and successful leader. Therefore, by highlighting the four traits of successful leaders, the article serves as a critical source of relevant information for my leadership journey. The relationship between the article and my leadership journey is also attached to the article’s efforts to highlight the relevance of collaboration among team members. My leadership journey has an objective of enlightening me on team dynamics and how to maintain cohesive and functional teams. Therefore, the article serves as an educative text that positively boosts my leadership LEADERSHIP JOURNEY 3 journey in a bid to hone my leadership skills. The article also highlights the increasing tendency of corporations to shift from hierarchical operation models to team-based operations as a means of achieving increased productivity and efficiency. Therefore, it reinforces my leadership journey by highlighting the high power and success probability of leaders who utilize collaborative teams. Overall, the relationship between the article and my leadership journey is centered on the exhibition of specific leadership traits. LEADERSHIP JOURNEY 4 References Fontana, F. (2017). Key Traits for Best Team Leaders. Retrieved from ...
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Being employed and keeping a job are two different things which require good
character, knowledge, and great leadership skills. I once worked in a pharmaceutical supply
company as a supervisor under a manager who was harsh and bad leadership skills.

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