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Expressing Yourself Informally

For the Unit 4 Assignment, you will write a 1–1.5-page, double spaced, informal and personal blog post on an issue that is in some way relevant to your field of study and that you have personal experience with.

According to The Social Psychology Network, a blog, “short for "web log," is an online journal or record of sequential postings with news, commentary, or other material” (2017). Like an essay, a blog post establishes and develops a clear point about a topic or issue. Depending on the topic, audience, and purpose, a blog can be formal or informal. A blog written by an individual, for example, tends to be about his or her experience with the topic and is written in first person.

Imagine for this Assignment that you have created your own blog site and that you are writing a post for your blog site. This specific blog post should establish a clear main point about your chosen topic, use your personal experience to develop that main point, and establish a connection with your non-professional audience through showing them how your experience might be of value in helping them in some way.

Examples might include:

  • If you are in the medical field and have experience with taking care of family members who are sick, you might write a blog post to other caretakers who are tending to family members, perhaps showing them a way they can avoid the stress that caretaking will create for them.
  • If you are in the law enforcement field, though you may not have experience with being a police officer, you might use your experience as a parent to write to other parents about what they might do to help their children to not get involved in gangs, if you have any relevant experience with it or know people who have.
  • If you are in the field of education, you may not be an experienced teacher with a degree, but you no doubt have experience either as a student or parent and could write a blog post to other first year college students, offering them a suggestion for how to manage their time or avoid procrastination on assignments.

Generating Ideas for Your Blog Post Topic:

  • Brainstorm your experiences: What personal experiences do you have with issues of ANY sort that are in some way related to your field of study?
  • Talk with others: Classmates, friends and family, WC tutors, your instructors.
  • Review this document for links to blogs and articles in your field of study. Writers often identify something they want to write about by responding to what others have written. You might read a blog post about the causes of homelessness in the US and then write your own blog post to people in your community suggesting a way they might help solve this problem in your community.

You will also be engaging in Discussion Board activities in Units 3 and 4 to help you in your writing process.

  • In Unit 3 Discussion Board, you will post as many possible topic ideas as you want. Posting your possible topics, audience, and purpose allows you to get feedback from your instructor and classmates. This feedback will help you decide on a topic and make any necessary adjustments before you move to the drafting stage.
  • In Unit 4 Discussion Board, you will post a draft of your blog post and a plan for revising this draft. The feedback you receive from your instructor and classmates will help you to revise and strengthen your blog post and prepare it for submission as your Unit 4 Assignment.

Be sure that your Unit 4 Assignment meets the following requirements:

  • Focuses on one specific point about the issue being written about
  • Uses personal experience to develop ideas; avoid research
  • Connects with the audience and establishes relevance of the topic to them
  • Demonstrates substantial revision of the Unit 4 Discussion Board post draft
  • Uses appropriate informal language, depending upon topic, audience, and purpose
  • Is organized into 3–5 well-developed paragraphs, 1–1.5 double-spaced pages
  • Utilizes transition devices to connect ideas
  • Applies Standard American English and avoids distracting grammar and punctuation errors
  • Demonstrates 6th Edition APA formatting, including title page
  • Cites any and all uses of source information (quotes, ideas, paraphrases) both in the references page and in text where the source is used

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Expressing Yourself Informally
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