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write a geological paper about the halifax harbour. Provide details on the following sections:

1. Calculation of the Area

2.Audit of EGS

3. Categories of Environmental Goods and Services at the Harbor

4. Recommendations on Improvement on Environmental Goods and Services

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Halifax Harbor
The Halifax Natural Harbor constitutes numerous port facilities situated in Halifax, at the
Atlantic Coast in Nova Scotia, Canada, in the Halifax Regional Municipality (Tomkins, 1966).
This essential port located on a deep and broad region in North America free from the effects of
ice and massive tides provides accommodation and service for container ships with the aid of
modern technology. This port connects different shipping lines to all North American markets
and more than 140 countries over the globe and fundamentally providing support for various
cargoes. The Halifax Port has a strategic location north of the Great Circle Route between
Eastern Seaboard and Europe. The region comprises an elaborate system of rail connections
between continents. The harbor developed owing to glacial activity attributed to sea-level rise
courtesy of glaciations.
Every year, Halifax harbor handles more than 1200 vessels and in the process providing more
than 11,000 employment opportunities for gainful income and $1.6 billion in economic revenue.
This harbor is a crucial element in Canada's economy and the number of cargos handled (2005).

This brief report will provide an assessment of environmental goods and services (EGS)
supplied at Halifax Harbor that will constitute a close examination of benefits accrued by
residents and visitors of the harbor and lastly provide recommendations for improvements.
Calculation of the Area

The Halifax Harbor situated in Halifax Regional Municipality covers an area of 5,577 square
kilometers comprising ten %of the Nova Scotia total land area (Annandale, 2005).
Audit of EGS
Environmental goods and services at the Halifax harbor provide the basis for eradicating
ecological effluents that affect the environment negatively. These are measures meant to
safeguard, conserve and maintain the stock on natural resources available at this natural harbor,
as such, the enforcement agencies tasked with the responsibility to ensure environmental
sustainability conduct statistics related to data on various producers of outputs valued in
monetary terms, the gross value added, and the employment associated with the production of
such. These statisticians consequently break down this data into economic activity,
environmental protection, and resources management classes. This audit will provide estimates
of the production of ecological goods and services in the Halifax Harbor (Annandale, 2005).
The Port of Halifax comprises the 19 direct liner services with transshipment and feeder services.
This port provides essential services regarding world markets. Daily, numerous products travel
via the Port into homes, offices, and communities. The natural resources offered by the harbor
provide diversity in the region hence the rapidly changing nature of cargo imported and exported
in the area. The Halifax Port comprises large loads and an abundant supply of containers.
Therefore, the port hardly experiences congestion and reduced capacity at the terminals and the
railways. The constitution of the Harbor ensures various options regarding drayage service and
truck transportation networks translating to faster delivery of containers, improved turna...

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