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Date: T2 (multiple choice IL Iarne Spts/each, other 6pts/each) First Name: 1.(Spts) When aquestions of_ame bed, a precipitate fom. A) NiBry and AgNOS B) Nal and Kar K250 and CC D) KOH and HNO2 E) LigCO3 and I tried and codium hydride 2. (5pts) The net nie wat for reaction between A)H(aq) + TINO (+ 2011 - 200 - NOS (aq B) HINOG N- NANO). C) + 4a + CH" (M + GIAO Dj HNCNOlt - NOG E)H(aq) + Nata) OH- --HON (4) 3.(5pts) Which bend hathatom with the highest cucidation A) Cas B) NagN MgSO3 D) Al(NO2)3 E) NHO 4.(Spts) Sodium does not occur in nature as Nais) becam_ A) it is easily reduced to Ne By it is easily oxided to Nat Citrosis with water with great dilly Dit is easily replaced by silver in its des Eit undergoes a disproportionation reaction to Na' and Na* 5 Which of the following solution the morLOR. stacidic (a) 0:2 M LOH.) 0.2 MHI.(c) 10 M methyl Which of the following solutions is the most basie? (a) Đố MI NH. (b) 150 M KOH, (c) 0 100 M4 Ila OH)2 Classify each of the following substances as a nonelectrolyte. weak electrolyte, or strong electrolyte in waten: (a) H.SO, (0) CHOH (ethovel), (6) NH.. (4) KClO () Cu(NO) (a) Calculate the molarity of a solution that contains 0.175 mol Zol, in exactly 150 mL of solution. (b) How many moles of protons are present in 35,0 mL of a 4.50 M solution of nitric acid (e) How many milliliters of a 6.00 M NAOH 7 solution are needed to provide 0.350 mol of NaOH? The concentration of alcohol (CH,CH,OH) in blood, called the blood alcohol concentration or BAC, is given in units of intoxication, in many states of the United States, us that the of grams of alcohol per 100 ml. of blood. The legal definition BACIS 0.08 or higher. What is the concentration of alcohol, In terms of molarity, in blood of the BAC is 0.68? 10 b) What volume of 0.128 M HCl is needed to neutralize 2.87 g of Mg(OH);? (c) f 25.8 mL of an AgNO, solution is needed to precipitate all the crions in a 785-mg sample of KCI (forming AgCl). what is the molarity of the AgNO, solution (d) If 45.3 mL of a 0.108 M HCl solution is needed to neutralise a solution of KOH, how many grams of KOH must be present in the solution! A chemical reaction that absorbs beat from the surroundings is said to be and has AH at constant pressure. A) endothermic positive B) endothermie negative C) exothermic, negative D) exothermic, positive E) exothermic, neutral 12. For the species in the reaction below, AH' is zero for 2Co (9) + H2 (8) + SPE3 8) + 2HCO(PF3), (1) The reaction 11. 4Al(s) 302 (g) + 2Al2O3(-) AHP-3351 kJ and therefore heat is by the reaction. A) endothermic released B) endothermic, absorbed C) exothermic released D) exothermic absorbed E) thermoneutral, neither released nor absorbed A) Co(s) B) H2 (8) C) PF3 (8) D) HCo[PP), 0) E) both Co(s) and Hz) Last Name: Spts/each, other Gpts/each) First Name: 13. Al for the reactions Date: T2 (multiple choice TFS - F3 ) F21 14 Write the symbols of first 20 elements in periodic table. iskl. give the data below. IF (8) + F(-13 () ki AH- IF (6) +212 (5) - IFs (9) AH-745 A) +355, B) -1135, C) +1135, D) -35, E)-35 15 16. Write the electron configurations of elements, Li, Na, K, F, C1, Ca, and Mg and indicate their valence electron numbers. What is the mummber of electrons that can occups each of the following subhd (a) 3, S.12104 17 18 Write the electron diagrams of C, N, O, Ar, S and Mg. The quantum number defines the shape of an orbital. A) spin B) magnetic C) principal D) angular momentum E) psi Last Name: Spts/each, other 6pts/each) First Name: Date: T2 (multiple choice 20. Extra Credit: A 1.248-g sample of limestone rock is pulverized and then treated with 30.00 mL of 1.035 M HCl solution. The excess acid then requires 11.56 mL of 1.010 M NaOH for neutral- ization. Calculate the percentage by mass of calcium carbon- ate in the rock, assuming that it is the only substance reacting with the HCl solution.
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Hey! Here it is. In some questions I didn't write the question as in the pictures because they check out for plagiarism.

1) When aqueous solutions of NiBr2 and AgNO3 (option A) are mixed a
precipitate forms.
This is a double displacement reaction in which the precipitate is AgBr:
NiBr2 (aq) + AgNO3 (aq) → 2AgBr2 (s) + Ni(NO3)2 (aq)

2) The net ionic equation for the reaction between aqueous nitric acid and
aqueois sodium hydroxide is (option C):
H+(aq) + OH-(aq) → H2O (l)
Since net ionic equation only includes ionic species that play part in a reaction. In
this case there is an acid base reaction (neutralization) and nitration anion is a

3) Compound Al(NO2)3 (option D) has the atom with the highest oxidation
number which is Al3+

4) Sodium does not occur in nature as Na(s) because it is easily oxidized to Na+
(option B)
5) From the solutions (a) 0.2M LiOH (b) 0.2M (HI) (c) 1.0M CH3OH, solution (b)
is the most acidic
From the solutions (a) 0.6M NH3 (b) 0.150M KOH (c) 0.100 M Ba(OH)2,
solution (b) is the most basic
6) H2SO3 is a weak electrolyte in water
C2H5OH is a non-electrolyte in w...

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