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Your boss has asked you to represent the organization in regards to participating on an industry research panel on quality measures. There is an expectation that all participants submit any required work before the initial meeting.

Your job is to create an APA reference list that contains ten total research articles. The requirement is that five of the articles are focused on quality management, and the other five are centered on quality measures. Along with the reference list, please submit a paragraph describing the process you used for selecting the articles, and what criteria you used in the search process in order to prepare for the industry research panel.

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Operational Design- Creating a Reference List
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Operational Design
Process for selecting the articles
In the selection process of the research articles to use, I focused on the method of
reviewing the existing literature on the two topics in research and made use of the available
relevant research literature. A vast range of materials exists online and in libraries on secondary
sources which are available for research. I choose to use books, journals, research findings and
reports, and any relevant data existing on the online sources. A literature review is a method
which is simple to use, cost-effective, reliable, and easy to analyze compared to other methods.
In the literature review method, I followed two steps to narrow my job first step was to
search, and the second was selection. In the search step database relevant to the topics in concern
was gathered seeking the relevant information. I used search engines like the Google Scholar,
JSTOR, Science Direct, sage journals, and physical search in the organization mini library. A
careful and thorough analysis was ensured to get the right articles with the required sufficient
information. In the next step after the search, the gathered materials were put on a simple
designed checklist for further analysis and weighing out of the found articles standards.
The used criterion for inclusion was that of selecting English articles lastly published
within the range of 7 years. However, the year limitation did not lock the chance for picking any
relevant information or materials whose publication preceded seven years down the line. Their
contribution to the topic of interest was enough to include them on the checklist. In the search, I
used the topics "quality management" and "quality measures" to narrow down the search to the
required information. Fifteen articles popped up my search list matching the search criteri...

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