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Module 3 - SLP


The following is a list of some of the resources available in the Trident Online Library related to the HR field.

Academic Research

  • Journal of Applied Psychology
    This journal focuses on the applications of psychology research. This research journal is a good source for learning about the latest developments in cognitive, motivational and behavioral psychology and implications for the workplace. It is available through Business Source Complete in the Trident Online Library.
  • Personnel Psychology: A Journal of Applied Research
    This scholarly journal has practical utility in that it centers on personnel psychology. The articles focus on the latest research on selection and recruitment, training, leadership, rewards, and diversity. It is available through Business Source Complete in the Trident Online Library.
  • Academy of Management Journal
    This journal focuses on the management side of psychology. The articles are mainly theoretical. This journal would be a good resource for those researchers looking for new managerial theories and methods. It is available through Business Source Complete in the Trident Online Library.
  • The Academy of Management Review
    This journal also focuses on management psychology. It is regarded as a top journal in its field and publishes theoretical and conceptual articles on management and organization theory. It is available through Business Source Complete in the Trident Online Library.

Professional Journals

  • Harvard Business Review
    Harvard Business Review is a cornerstone business journal that has practical applications for HR professionals. This is a great resource to find case studies and expert insights on business practices. It is available through Business Source Complete in the Trident Online Library.
  • Human Resource Management Journal
    This journal has best practices articles for HR professionals in the workplace. It is available (up to 1 year ago) through Business Source Complete in the Trident Online Library.
  • HRMagazine
    This magazine is published by the Society for Human Resource Management. The articles are a great resource for HR professionals dealing with the most recent issues in the workplace. It is available through Business Source Complete in the Trident Online Library.
  • TD: Talent Development
    The Association for Talent Development publishes this magazine. It is targeted to professionals in the human resource development field. It is available through Business Source Complete in the Trident Online Library.
  • Workforce Solutions Review
    This magazine that focuses on many topics within human resource management. The articles included are written by industry experts and academics. They are targeted to HR professionals in the workplace. It is available through Business Source Complete in the Trident Online Library.

Adapted from: PennState University Libraries (2017). Retrieved from

Signature Assignment at the Emphasized Level

For each SLP question below, select three articles (published within the past five years), each from different peer-reviewed academic journals/magazines. [Utilize the above publications or other peer-reviewed academic journal/magazine publications you find through the Trident Online Library.] Find articles that specifically address the following:

  1. Mergers & Acquisitions: What main point(s) about merging companies does the author make particularly relating to HRM? Do you agree? Why or why not?
  2. Reduction in Force (RIF): What main point(s) about RIFs does the author make particularly relating to HRM? What steps can HRM take to prepare employees for a possible RIF?

In your 2-page submission (not counting the cover page), create a 2-sided flyer that HR department staff can give to each person laid off due to Mergers & Acquisitions or a Reduction-in-Force. Include both a cover page and reference page for this assignment. These can be a separate document from the flyer. Experiment with using Microsoft Publisher or its equivalent free program found online for the 2-page flyer (a tri-fold flyer might work best for you—you could then put the references on the middle back column). Keeping the seriousness of the topic in mind, use color, but keep the flyer business-like without flamboyance. If you use a tri-fold template in Word or Publisher, plan your layout first so that once it is folded everything is in the right place.

Upload your assignment to the appropriate Dropbox. Be sure to review your TurnItIn Originality report. If the score is over 20%, you may not be writing in your own words and you will need to contact your professor and arrange to revise and resubmit your assignment.

Written Communications Assessed at the Emphasized Level

As you may recall, in MGT302 (Organization Behavior and Teamwork) written communications was assessed at the “introduced” level. Then, they were assessed at the “reinforced” level in MGT407 (Principles of Human Resource Management) Case 3 where written communications are taken a step further by having you work on a submission that could be presented to a practitioner’s magazine for publication. Now, in MGT491 (Capstone in HRM), your written communications skills will be further developed and assessed at the “emphasized” level. For this assignment you will create a brochure to give to laid-off employees that effectively communicates the impact a reduction-in-force has on the organization.

The skills needed in these three assignments build on each other and offer you the opportunity to enhance and practice your written communications preparation skills.

The grading rubric for written communications at the undergraduate level has been developed to measure student success in meeting the MGT407 Case 3 expectations related to written communications. Rubrics for the other two courses are included in their respective written communications assignments.

Signature SLP Assignment Expectations—Emphasized Level—Written Communication

Your submission will be assessed on the criteria found in the written communications grading rubric for this assignment:

  • Context and purpose for writing
  • Content
  • Adherence to conventions in specific disciplines
  • Sources of evidence
  • Syntax control and mechanics
  • Timeliness

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Capstone three management
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Capstone three management
There exist multiple reasons that guide companies into downsizing. One of the
primary reasons for downsizing in companies is to reduce the total expenditure incurred in
the long run from supporting unproductive operations (Ramlall, Al-Sabaan & Magbool,
2014). The second reason comes from the desire to increase profitability by cutting down
operations which in the long run do not necessarily support the achievement of positive
outcomes in the long term (N. Chhinzer & Currie, 2014). When a company downsizes, it
brings about varying effects on the community in the context. For instance, downsizing may
reduce the total employed people from the community to meet the needs of the firm. Cutting
down the workforce renders some people unemployed negatively affecting the community
around. Also, downsizing sometimes may be driven by bias as opposed to genuine legal
framework bringing about negative effects on the affected employees (Kalev, 2014). Apple
stands out as one of the firms which downsized. The effects of the actions led to reduced
expenditure for the firm. Additionally, the actions negatively affected cut-off employees.
Article 1
Gandolfi, F., & Hansson, M., (2011). Causes and consequences of downsizing: Towards an
integrative framework. Journal of Management & Organization, 17(4), 498-521.
The primary issues of concern which this article presents revolve around defining the
potential implications that downsizing may bring on a company. The primary importance of
the article on the current literature comes from the fact that it adds to the concepts of
downsizing the potential effects which may arise in both the short and long run of a firm. The
article is valid in research-based primarily on the notion that it bases its arguments from the
past peer-reviewed and scholarly sources related to the field of business and management
(Gandolfi & Hansson, 2011). One of the areas which will continue to add to the work



conducted by the researcher includes understanding that regardless of the perception that
downsizing usually results into reduced spending for a company, such decisions in the end
negatively affect the financial abilities and psychological aspects of the employees. I found
the part claiming that downsizing negatively affects the financial performance of a company
interesting. Therefore, I would recommend this source to the other people intending to gather
information about the topic in the context.
Article 2
Reinardy, S., (2010). Downsizing effects on personnel: The case of layoff survivors in US
newspapers. Journal of Media Business Studies, 7(4), 1-19.
The main concepts presented by Reinardy (2010) in this paper revolves around
definition and documentation of the effects that downsizing brings to the operations of a
company looking at the layoff of survivors working with the US newspaper. The importance
of the article is seen in the ability to present information which adds to the current research
especially, from the definition of the effects which downsizing brings to the affected
company based on the personnel in the context. The validity of the article and the research
presented in this paper is evident from the utilization of reliable sources of information and
creating a connection to a real-world example of a past incident. An area which the research
will continue to add information is the evaluation of the role which downsizing plays on the
psychological aspects of employees who have been laid off. I found the part defining the
psychological effects of downsizing interesting and would recommend other readers to
explore the topic further in the future.
Article 3
N. Chhinzer, N., & Currie, E. (2014). Assessing longitudinal relationships between financial
performance and downsizing. Management Decision, 52(8), 1474-1490.



The primary concepts which this article presents revolve around creating a
longitudinal analysis between the financial performance of a company and the decisions
made by the management on the issues of downsizing (N. Chhinzer & Currie, 2014). The
importance of the article is seen in the ability to add vital information about downsizing to the
existing resea...

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