Medicare and Medicaid Programs & Medical Crime Paper

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Describe the Medicare and Medicaid programs and provide three examples of the type of fraud typically committed in each of these programs. ( A 2-page response is required)

cite all resources used in the response and document them in a bibliography.

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Running head: MEDICAL CRIME

Medical Crime

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Medicare and Medicaid are separate governmental programs usually funded by different
parts of the government to support various groups. Medicare is an American based operating
insurance program that covers the health of citizens above 65 years or those under 65 years but
with a disability irrespective of the income earned. The program is funded by the federal
government and run by centers of Medicaid and Medicare services. The insured pay or are
deducted monthly premiums to exercise hospital costs. This ensures all eligible patients can
easily access medical care in all governmental health institutions (Cohen, Colby, Wailoo, &
Zelizer, 2015).On the other hand, Medicaid is an assistance program whose focus is on lowincome earners. The federal-state program ensures every citizen can aces health care despite their
economic background. The patient pays no costs on medical expenses.
The health workers have been involved in...

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