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  1. Refer to the Week 1 - Required Learning Activities: MyCommLab Student Instructions
    Review the "Cultural Barriers" activity on the MyCommLab student resource page.
    For this assignment, you will interview someone from a different cultural background than your own or select an individual interview from the MyCommLab Cultural Barriers activity.
    Compare your cultural experiences with those of the individual you interviewed (or) an individual interviewed in the Cultural Barriers activity.
    Create an 5- to 7-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation or video that includes the following:
    • Personal background of the person interviewed
    • Where this person has lived
    • Any interesting cultural facts in this person's history
    • Any experiences this person has had adapting to new cultures
    • A comparison of your cultural experiences with those of the individual interviewed

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Intercultural Interview and
Student’s Name
Institution Affiliation

Personal Background

 My interviewee is Faber Santiago Brandon.
 He is 46 years old
 He is born, raised and educated in Colombia but later went to United States for
his Masters degree.

 He is a marketer and he has travelled in several countries due to the nature of
his work.

Location Lived
 He has lived in approximately six countries. They include
• Colombia
• United States
• Mexico
• Hong Kong
• France
• ...

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