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For your written assignment for this week, write a 2 page paper about the ways an individual might be tracked by digital veillance on an average day:

  • Discuss what devices might be used
  • What data might be collected and to what extent can a person reject or resist digital veillance?
  • not included title or reference page

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Response to Digital Technology and Data Surveillance
With the rapid advancement of technology, digital tracking is often becoming a common
phenomenon. Individual lives are tracked in various forms. An individual may be tracked by
digital surveillance through various ways and by many devices on a daily basis. To begin with, an
individual may be traced using the most common form of surveillance using GPS technology. The
Global Positioning System is used to keep a record of the real-time location of a device. The GPS
systems are usually installed in devices and are tracked to give the real-time location of the various
devices they are attached. GPS trackers can be installed on cars, computers, and on individuals
through tags that can be traced. Secondly, an individual can be traced using a cellphone. There
EMI codes on each phone that allows it to be traced and conversations and recorded. By the use
of modern technology, an individual's information can be recorded and traced upon the need.
Further, an individual can be traced through cameras. Cameras record real-time images of
occurrences in public places. Cameras are placed in pathways buildings. They can be used to
monitor access and movement of an individual and trends in movement used to make a prediction
of his character and conduct. Finally, the internet is a possible place where an individual can be
traced. An active internet connection can reveal too much about an individual and other thing like
their IP address and device ID. Through the internet, an individual’s information can be recorded

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