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On the theme of IoT and Big Data, write a 3-page (minimum, of content) report. Be sure to cite sources in APA format. For the report, there should be three parts: 1. A summary / explanation of “Big Data” and why it is important. 2. A summary / explanation of IoT and its importance and 3. Describe how IoT and Big data are related. Your report should also include examples. Be sure to proofread and write carefully. You may use double spacing and be sure to use 12 pt font or smaller. I will be grading this assignment critically, so take your time. Page headings, figures, long citations, title pages and references pages will not be counted toward total page length.

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Summary of Big data
Big data is used to explain a large number of unstructured data, structured data, and semistructured data that can be mined for information and applied in learning projects or any
analytical experiment. Big data has three main sections, usually referred to as 3Vs, which
include; a wide variety of data and types, massive data volume, and the speed/velocity of
data. The large amounts of data in Big data are usually from either business transactions,
medical reports, customer’s databases, social networks, mobile applications, or scientific
experiments (Zikopoulos & Eaton, 2011). Companies enhancing operations use big data to
develop personalized marketing campaigns, improve customer service, and generally increase
profits. Big data is also applied in medicine when trying to identify the risks of diseases.
Because of the velocity of Big data, organizations that use Big data have massive multiple
servers that can be able to hold the speed of the data and also distribute and operate the data
like for example hospitals. It is always a challenge in trying to achieve Big data velocity and
therefore, the cloud providers give si...

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