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One of the most famous formulas in mathematics is the Pythagorean Theorem. It is based on a right triangle,and states the relationship among the lengths of the sides as a2+ b2= c2, where a and b refer to the legs of a right triangle and c refers to the hypotenuse. It has immeasurable uses in engineering, architecture, science, geometry, trigonometry, algebra, and in everyday applications. For your first post, search online for an article or video that describes how the Pythagorean Theorem can be used in the real world. Provide a one paragraph summary of the article or video in your own words. Be sure you cite the article and provide the link.

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Pythagorean Theorem has broad applications in daily life activities. Some of the common
areas where Pythagorean Theorem is used frequently in football. For instance, in the National
Football League, the theorem is used to determine the running distance and the angle in which
the defender should run to save the receiver (striker) from dropping the ball to the end zone. In
this, the video by Ziegert (2015) asserts that the angle in which the defender runs is dependent on
the horizontal distance between him(A) and the striker and the vertical distance to the end
zone(B). The defender distance to block the striker (C=Hypotenuse) is longer the horizontal
distance between the two players is longer. These two forms a small ‘angle of pursuit” for the
defender similar to the angle of elevation. The same scenario for a right angled triangle is formed
when the defender is running horizontally to counter a head-on coming striker before he reaches
the touchline. Ziegert(2015), in his explanation, asserts that the defender runs the horizontal
distance to the touchline while the striker-touch line length is the hypotenuse. Using the
horizontal distance (A) and end zone distance to the striker (B), we can obtain the range that
Striker runs to make sure that he arrives at the touch-line before being blocked by the defender
Scenario: Defender running...

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