Discuss different spy novels and detective novels relating to certain topics in a argumentative way

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LMC 3202 Final Essay Topics

This essay is due at the beginning of class on June 13. It should be around 7 pages long (double-spaced). Again,

concentrate on creating a real, ambitious argument, not just summarizing or listing observations about the works (I should be able to disagree with your paper).

Two key topics faced by most of the writers we have read are:


Choose one of these two, and show how it is treated differently in at least two works from the syllabus. Ideally, you will choose two works that offer two different engagements with realism or humor and compare them, coming down on the side of one as more effective or convincing (that is, you will choose one work that is very enthusiastic about realistic detail and one that is unconcerned with it, and explain which you think works better and why)


Poe, “The Murders in the Rue Morgue”

Buchan, "The Thirty-Nine Steps"

Le Carré, "The Spy Who Came In From The Cold."

Greene "Our Man in Havana"

How the 7 page written


*Pick a side

*End paragraph with a QUESTION


*ARGUMENT- make it convincing. Don't repeat sentence and make sure its a FULL SENTENCE. Answer question


Don't repeat whats already mentioned. Answer the question from earlier


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Justice Argumentative Essay
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Justice is a broad term that explains all things that are perceived to be just and what is
viewed philosophically as just. The term justice is described differently by all available academic
fields that are in existence. This is because every section they perceive it in different forms that
favor their continuation. For instance, in a working environment, justice can be categorized into
two kinds, the one for the employees and that for the employers. Many times the two forms they
crush each other since they do not arrive at a consensus but instead at an individual level that
deems every group fit on their side. The concept has received several arguments from groups like
ethics, religion, moral correctness, rationality, and equity. Four forms of justice are social, legal,
distributive, and cumulative. According to the case studies of the spy contentious issues, we will
explain the term justice using the stories: the spy who came in the cold and the thirty-nine steps
(Buchan, 2012). The stories have violated the social justice of the characters in different
manners, making it difficult to categorize the consistent form that is in place. The discussion will
focus on how the stories are against the justice of human rights, which are the main characters in
the whole plot. Are the characters in the rights of the novel in their deeds that seem to violate
their social justices?
In the novel the thirty-nine steps by John Buchan, Richard Hannay who is suffering from
the duodenal ulcers that were caused by his personal and political dramas, he is seen not taking
care of his own life. He used all his efforts to offer help to all manner of people who came to his
life. Well, it is always advisable to provide, but how long will it last? Is the justice of the
individual health considered? I disagree with whatever Hannay used to do like hosting Scott,
who feared for his life (Buchan, 2012). This is because he later led him to a lot of trouble that
ruined his life. It is always good to be friendly and offer an excellent form of help, but when it
comes to the matter of social justice, the individual’s rights come first. The cumulative sentence


is all about being whole through accepting all those who can be of importance to your life
through recurring their life. However, it is not possible to understand who needs real help and
who are faking the events and creating dramas. For instance, in the novel, the thirty-nine steps
franklin is seen faking his death to attract the attention and cause suspicion to the entire nation.
Hannay goes on hosting him as a brother who offers help. I am therefore totally in disagreement
with other forms of justices that people are contributing to the friend and relatives because they
are at apposition to help (Buchan, 2012). This form of help ought to be looked into thoroughly
before giving in despite other faking their cases to receive sympathy from friends and relatives.
Personal life is an important aspect that has to be taken care off with a lot of vigor.
Hannay did not report the death of Scudder in the novel the thirt...

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