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Comparison and Contrast—227—Short Fiction *Timeline: June 11th: Tentative thesis up for peer review June 14th: Full draft due for peer review Final Due: Full essay is due no later than Thursday, June 27th *Length: 3-4 pages. Works Cited not included in count. Assignment Use two stories that we’ve read in class in order to write an essay in which you compare and contrast them. The essay will be thesis-driven—you will be arguing something about the nature of the stories, such as the use of imagery, the way a theme is treated, or the way the stories are narrated. Usable Texts Groff, “The Midnight Zone” Barthelme, “The School” Bradfield, “The Darling” Banks, “Sarah Cole: A Type of Love Story” Capo-Crucet, “Drift” Thon, “X-mas, Jamaica Plain” Wolff, “Hunters in the Snow” Johnson, “Car Crash While Hitchhiking” Oates, “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” (Vintage) Jones, “A Rich Man” (Canvas) Watson, “Against Specificity” (Canvas) Moore, “The Jewish Hunter” (Canvas) Reva, “Novostroïka” (BASS) Antrim, “Another Manhattan” (Story) Evans, “Richard of York Gave Battle in Vain O’Connor, “Good Country People” (Story) Machado, “Eight Bites” (Story) Requirements: The successful essay will be three to four pages in Times New Roman, 12-point font. It will offer a unique perspective (analysis and interpretation) of the ways two stories are alike and also different. It will include at least two (2) stories that we’ve read in class. Do not use any outside sources—rely only on your own analysis and interpretation of the material. Grading Criteria Content • Do you have a thesis that argues something relevant about the selected short stories? • Does your thesis and argument confront this issue in all its complexity rather than oversimplifying the issue? • Are the reasons and evidence in support of this thesis credible, relevant, and fully developed? • Have you used examples from relevant class texts? • Have you represented the authors’ points of view without distorting them? • Have you inserted correct parenthetical citations for your sources? Failure to do so may result in a failing grade. • Do your paraphrases put the ideas of the text into your own words? Failure to do so may result in a failing grade. • Are your quotations accurate – do they quote the text word for word? • Does your paper adequately address opposing viewpoints, while critiquing them? Organization • Do you have an introduction that adequately introduces the essay? • Is the essay, as a whole, logically organized? • Are paragraphs logically organized internally? • Is this organization made clear to the reader through transitions? • Does the essay avoid repetition? Style • Is your writing clean stylistically? Are sentences concise and clear? • Are filler sentences eliminated? • Are your sentences grammatically correct? • Is the paper typed in Times Roman 12-point font? Is it double-spaced with one-inch margins?
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Bradfield, “The Darling” and Banks “Sarah Cole: A Type of Love Story
In Bradfield’s short story “the darling,” the author, brings out the story of a person who
survived after been sexually abused in her childhood, who later on kills her abusive father and
then continues to kill every man that she gets involved with in her life. However, her problems
seem to be put an end when she gets married to her psychiatrist. On the other hand, the story by
Banks “Sarah Cole: A Type of Love Story” is typically about-about the main character who
believed he was so much better off than the woman he dated because of his lovely looks. The
couple had a hard time engaging in any conversations because Ron always ended up degrading
her and finally, Ron ends up putting an end to their relationship, which killed Sarah's hopes of
having a better life.
One of the similarities in both stories is that the authors try to outline about the effects of
abusive relationships. For instance in Bradfield story of the darling, it is evident that the Dolores,
who is the main character, ha...

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