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To conclude this course, you will examine the impact of police misconduct and technology on the operation of police agencies. Administrators and political officials must consider these strategic questions. Based on your readings, research, and discussions with peers, prepare a report in 8–10 double-spaced pages using Microsoft Word that explores these critical issues in contemporary law enforcement. Your report should address the following questions:

  • Evaluate the current status of the Los Angeles Police Department. Have the issues from the Rodney King era been resolved?
  • Explain how changes in recruitment and training can address the problem of police brutality and excessive use of force. Use research to provide examples from actual departments.
  • Discuss the use of GIS and other advanced technology in today’s police environment. Consider recent developments such as drones and automated license plate readers. Do these technologies present civil liberty problems?
  • Examine any of the consent decrees accepted by a municipal police force and summarize the reasons for the decree and its provisions. Analyze how well the city in question has complied with its requirements.


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Impact of Police Misconduct and Technology on the Operation of Police Agencies
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In law enforcement, various departments are given the duty of serving this purpose.
These departments are responsible for the delivery of justice to the general population of the
nation and do this in the distribution of duties in different agencies. This has been the basis of
interaction between the people and the law. However, there exist some incidences of misconduct
within this very law enforcing force. Some officers mandated the power to watch over the people
end up abusing this power in several ways. This has been identified as misconduct in the
consideration of the various acts such as the discrimination of multiple groups of individuals, the
use of excessive power on the individuals as well the ill manipulation of resources placed under
their care. This issue has been in existence within the force for several years (Weitzer, 2015).
With time, the aspects of police misconduct have kept on changing to develop in accordance
with the eras. The use of technology is also another aspect that has come to get incorporated into
law enforcement following its advancement over the years. Technology has been used by the
police to enhance their enforcement of the law in a number of ways. However, this has had both
negative and positive impacts within the society. Despite improving the solution of crimes within
the community, technology also limits an individual's interactions with some of their rights,
which are the major limitation of the use of technology.
In an attempt to address these issues, the police departments are dependent on the
enhancement of their recruiting processes as well as the inclusion of proper training for the
various officers included in the particular departments. The addition of these two response
measures is aimed at enhancing the out coming officers to be better suited to the service of the
people with consideration to the challenges that have been associated with the police in the past.
The address of these issues has had its outcomes in the changing categories of officers existing in



different eras. The enhancements are all aimed at resulting in the necessary changes in the police
Evaluation of the Los Angeles Police Department
The states of police departments have developed over the years following the various
changes that they have gone through. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has been
challenged by a number of issues down its history. Currently, the department is majorly faced by
the lack of enough personnel, which has resulted in a lack of the required labor force for the
enforcement of the law. The department lacks enough officers; thus, the ration of the police to
the citizens is very imbalanced. The ratio stands at one police officer per every 426 Americans
living in Long Angeles. At present, the LAPD is also in better communication with the general
public after the enhancement of their communicative aspect. This is through the enhancement of
their language inclusions, which has led to the establishment of multilingual inclusions within
the forces. This has enhanced service delivery as it is to suit the general population of Los
Angeles. This enables easier interactions with the public; hence, the service delivery is better in
the diverse inclusions of the state population. This puts the LAPD in a position where they are
efficiently interacting with the general public for the enforcement of the law.
The LAPD generally has some levels of misconduct within the society and are also
challenged when it comes to having a good relationship with the general population. The LAPD
faces this challenge due to their misconducts, which have led to some level of negative
perception by the general public. In interacting with the diverse population of Los Angeles, the
officers from the LAPD have had some success in interaction with the greater American
composition of the state as compared to when they have to deal with some minorities established
on the basis of class and racial division within the state (Weitzer, 2015).



The Rodney King era is a phase of the operation of the LAPD that saw them tarnish their
public image due to misconduct. The LAPD was involved in a scandal that led to the predisposal
of the riots that took place in April and May back in the year 1992 in Los Angeles County. This
was due to the decision by the court to acquit officers hat had been involved in the use of
excessive force and beating during the arrest of Rodney King. This was worsened by the fact that
there had been a video that had gone viral of the arrest showing the police misconduct while
carrying out the arrest (Weitzer, 2015). Demonstrations characterized the days that followed the
release of the officers by African-Americans and Latinos, and it went on for five consecutive
days. The five days of demonstration saw several people die and the property destroyed. After
the protests ended, the mayor of Los Angeles formed a commission to look into the LAPD in
terms of training, the racial composition of officers and training of officers. The commission
found that officers showed some level of racism, the training system of the LAPD police was
more of combat than maintaining law and order and that the LAPD is not racially inclusive. The
blacks during the time had it rough with the police that enforced the law then. This is due to the
general outlook by the force that blacks are criminals and inferior as well (Wells, 2017). The era
was filled with police misconduct moreso in line with police brutality that was highly determined
by the race of the person at hand. The commission based on their findings recommended
community policing whereby the officers go to the ground and meet the people instead of just
staying in their cars.
Over time, the situation has been enhanced to reduce the occurrence of such incidence
and to create a better rapport between the LAPD and the general public. Presently, the LAPD has
been involved in lesser cases that involve police misconduct as compared to the Rodney King
era. At present, the operation of the force is based on the service of the general population on an



equal basis. Considering the racial biases that existed in the Rodney King era, the incidences are
not as frequent at the present time, but that does not mean that they are totally not occurring
(Wells, 2017). The police force is still linked with levels of racism, more so towards the black
community (Wells, 2017). This is presented in the delivery of services, the interaction with the
group in general, and the affiliation of the group to higher numbers of arrests as compared to
other racial groups in the state. Looking at the LAPD from the Rodney King era and comparing
it to the present age, it is safe to say that the issues from the period have been partially resolved.
The situation as compared to back then is way different. This is due to the various
adjustments that have taken place and the inclusion of the consent decree. Presently, the force is
hardly 30% white while back in the Rodney King era; the force was comprised of 60% whites.
This has changed the situation with a great deal. These among other approaches have led to the
enhancement of the situation that existed back in the late 90s. This is not to highlight that the

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