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Prompt: Based on this case study, is it credible to claim that “one can see the

justice of God working in the world” (197) if this is a world where black persons can be

killed without consequences for their killers? Stated differently, is it possible for God

and humans “to create the world we crave for our daughters and sons” (227)? If yes,

how? If no, why?

Required reading: (please base essay solely from these sources)

  • Kelly Brown Douglas, “America’s Exceptionalism” (ch. 1), “The Black
  • Body: A Guilty Body” (ch. 2), and “Manifest Destiny War” (ch. 3) in Stand

    Your Ground: Black Bodies and the Justice of God (2015), pp. 3-132.

  • Kelly Brown Douglas, “A Father’s Faith: The Freedom of God” (ch. 4),
  • “Jesus and Trayvon: The Justice of God” (ch. 5), and “Prophetic

    Testimony: The Time of God” (ch. 6), in Stand Your Ground, pp. 137-227.

    Please cite page number for references. Need to be articulate on the readings please.

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    Surname 1
    Justice of God
    Ideally, there are times in our lives we tend to question the role of God in our lives,
    especially when we are undergoing trying moments. In particular, when faced with all sorts of
    social atrocities such as the case of racism, where we are categorized as minorities at the center
    of the supremacy of the majority who believe they are more superior to us and are more entitled
    to some rights than us, we tend to question if our God is just. And if for sure God is just, we
    expect that He should promptly deal with those inflicting pain on our lives and causing us all
    sorts of social injustices, sometimes even taking our lives away. All these can be put into the
    context of the “stand-your-ground” culture that forms the basis of Black sufferings. Looking
    deeply at Kelly Douglas’s book: Stand Your Ground: Black Bodies and the Justice of God, it is
    clear that one can visualize the justice of God in the world by particularly focusing on the
    crucifixion of Jesus that can be connected to Trayvon’s murder.
    Nevertheless, in the world where black persons are killed without consequences for their
    killers, most people, especially the vic...

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