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Week 2 Discussion

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During this second week, we will focus upon the concept of culture and all its components. After you have read the reading assignment and lecture for this week, please respond to all parts of the discussion by the due date assigned:

  • What are the top ten American values as found in the text? Which ones do you embrace and why? Are there any you reject, and if so, why? What three values would you add to the list if you could? Why are the values you would add not already in the top ten?
  • What are five symbols that represent America? Do they also represent other components of culture, such as material objects or values?
  • Consider the concept of cultural lag. Identify two American values that are “lagging.” What are three norms that are lagging? How does cultural lagging relate to the Westernization that is happening in other countries?

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The top ten American values include: equality, freedom and liberty, science and
technology, individualism, achievements and success, ethnocentrism and group superiority,
activity and work, morality and humanitarian, progress and material comfort and efficiency
and practicality.

From the ten American values above, I embrace freedom and liberty, as well as
achievement and activity and work. Freedom and liberty are essential since one is able to do
what he or she want without anyone dictating what to do and what not to do. Freedom and
liberty makes us live in peace and have the ability to explore our world freely. Achievement
and success is vital and I embrace them since they motivate us to work hard in order to
succeed in life and build our country to expand and grow its economy w...

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