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Midterm 423 What are some of the key characteristics of Web 2.0? What are some benefits when marketing in a3D or virtual world environment? List 5 technologies that could be used to support virtual teams. List one benefits and drawback of each. How is marketing using Web 2.0 different then Web 3.0 (in virtual environments)? What are some challenges faced when marketing a product in a 3D or virtual world environment? How can meta tags be used to help search engines? Described how search engines work. Be sure to describe in detail . Describe some problems related to the perception or interpretation ability of information, for intelligent systems or intelligent web crawlers. What types of limitations are inherent with search engines? Describe at least 3 challenges of virtual team management. Explain your answer. What is a method that search engines can use to increase ranking personalization?
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Answer 1
Some identifying traits of web 2.0 include folksonomy (the free classification of information),
rich user experience, having users as contributors, long tail (on-demand and per consumption
services like CRM services), having users participate, creating basic trust with users and having
content delivered using file sharing and permalinks.1
Answer 2
Benefits of marketing a 3D or virtual world environment include being perceived as one step
ahead of your competitors to your audience, being able to showcase services to customers
before they purchase, offering enhanced user experience and boosting sales.2
Answer 3
The first technology is Slack, a communication platform. A benefit of using Slack is reducing
email traffic. One downside of this technology is that it can create a distraction.3 Next is Zoom,
for video conferencing. It allows for free and easy setup, but you need to download an app in
order to use it instead of a web-based platform.4 Another great platform is Google Drive, for
sharing files. While it is great to share files quickly, it does have not client support for Linux.5
Next is Groove, a support platform. It has a simple to use interface but there is no true mobile
app.6 Finally is MS Project for project management. It allows for simple integration with other
Microsoft tools, but it is expensive compared to other platforms.7
Answer 4
The differences are that advertisements on the platforms are improved along with metrics and
it allows for data to be personalized. There is also a focus on integration between socia...

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