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Management is the process of dealing with or controlling things or people. Your task is to write an essay explaining in more details: -

A. Highlighting managerial skills required to be an effective manger.





B. Discuss the managerial skills needed at the different levels of management

Top level

Middle level

Lower level

The assignment should have the following:

a. Front Page: Title of the assignment, Student’s name, ID number, Lecturer’s name and College of Technology name and logo

b. Content and page numbers

C. References: Minimum two references from Pro Quest.At the final page of the assignment, students shall write references according to Harvard Business School Standards (APA format).

d. Word accounts between 1000 and 1500 words.

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Managerial Skills


Managerial Skills

Management refers to the process of controlling people or things. Management has five
functions, namely, planning, organizing, controlling, coordinating, and directing. There different
skills that management requires for better performance. This paper will discuss the conceptual,
technical, and human skills, the skills needed in three different levels of management, which are
top, middle, and lower levels of managing.
Conceptual skills
Conceptual skills refer to the ability to perceive an organization as a whole, getting to
understand how various departments are inter-related and how they combine forces working
towards achieving a common goal. Conceptual skills need creativity and capabilities to create
imagine and translate such imaginations into physical actions. Managers who are creative can be
able to work out of their comfort zone to get things done in a manner that brings the desired
outcomes. These skills help a manager to identify critical problems and create long-lasting
solutions to them. Examples of conceptual skills are the abilities to analyze situations, breaking
down large projects into small and manageable segments as well as cognitive thinking, to
mention a few (Koontz & Weihrich, 2018).
Technical skills are extraordinary and specific skills that outline the practices, stools,
techniques, and processes required by workers to perform a particular task, especially in the
front-line of managers. Technical skills are crucial for any successful manager. Every manager
must have specialized in a specific career and gone through effective leadership and work
experience before he/he gets employed. In complex situations, technica...

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