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List the STD Standard that you were assigned and give a complete background of your STD (HIV), signs and symptoms, treatments per current clinical guidelines, follow-up, and possible psychological issues that may present. Also include any side effects of medication or the disease itself. You will also go to the CDC website and find your local statistics (Florida) for the STD (HIV)

you will discuss an action plan that can be disseminated to your patient population as an FNP. This action plan will be developed on the assigned STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) standard that is assigned to you by your instructor (HIV). The STD Standards are based on the Healthy People 2020 Goals: Promote healthy sexual behaviors, strengthen community capacity, and increase access to quality services to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and their complications.

Use evidence base published within the last five years

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HIV Action Plan
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HIV Action Plan

In a society where research, technology, and information are freely available the efforts
to deal with the spread and control of HIV could be termed as having been short of expectations.
According to researchers into the pandemic, HIV is a significant issue in contemporary society,
with close to 2.3 million new infections a year and about 1.3 million deaths from AIDS annually
across the world (Nanni, Caruso, Mitchell, Meggiolaro, & Grassi, 2015). Such global statistics
call for an effort by differnet stakeholders, taking action within their communities to help reduce
the prevalence of the disease in their regions. For instance, if the United States successfully
reduced the number of infections by about 300,000 a year, then the total number of infections a
year across the world would reduce to about two million. Consequently, achieving the objective
of a healthy population by the year 2020 requires a clear action plan on how to deal with dise...

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