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Create an 8- to 10-page final report by compiling the following components:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction section, including a problem statement and research questions
  • Background section
  • Literature review
  • Data collection methods
  • Analysis and results
  • Discussion and conclusions section
  • Limitations
  • For future research section
  • References
  • All appendices and lists of figures and tables

In addition, describe how the current study may lead to relevant future research.

Cite all sources using APA format on a separate page.

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The world today is fast moving. As the world moves and evolves, the basics of human
want becoming difficult to fulfill. As such people tend to move from one place to another to try
and survive. Some without their knowledge migrate to new locations and countries in search of
better lively hood. In this writing, we will discuss the migration puzzle.
Immigration has been a major debate in the world today. Stories of people making endless and
life threating trips around the world in search of greener pastures have always been on our
screens. But how safe are these immigrants and how well are these people provided with equal
opportunities. In these essays, I will evaluate how well these immigrants get given opportunities
to grow and progress in lives in their new destinations
Literature review
Political science is a discipline that has three different approaches. These approaches are
traditionalism, behaviorism, and post-behaviorism. Traditionalism, behaviorism these
approaches assists an individual to investigate, analyze, and explain issues that are related to
polities and political life. The ale gives guidelines on how research on political science, must be
carried out. For instance, if traditionalism can be compared to behaviorism, it can be observed
that traditionalism emphasizes that it is essential for an individual to analyze the importance of
governmental institutions while behaviorism states that are imperative t explain it is important to
investigate the behaviors of political actors like citizens, elected officials, and lobbyists.
A thorough comprehension of the criminal theory is the key information to any criminal justice
professional. Criminology experts can utilize the theoretical understanding to structure strategies



that deliver solutions for the current illegal immigration issue, and besides, locate the underlying
reason for the action. Criminal justice experts can utilize criminological speculations to address
the reason for illegal immigration as opposed to imprisoning guilty parties. One of the significant
difficulties for criminal justice experts today are an unlawful immigrant

Data Collection Methods
To know whether to reject or accept the hypothesis, I gathered evidence which will determine if
I either accept or reject the above hypothesis. I will do this with the aid of the identified
dependent and independent variables. Methods that I will use to define these variables comprise
of carrying out surveys where I will identify a specific location or region and observe the
immigrants and study their economic activities as well as their wellbeing in life.
Sampling some of the immigrants to represent the whole group through interviews and the use
of questionaries will also be essential to obtain the relevant results. I would try to avoid extensive
surveys to minimize cost and to take lesser time. Observation of the lives of the diverse
immigrants and they're well broadly being in the country is another method that I will also use.
Another technique I employed was posing as an immigrant and observing the kind of treatment I
would receive in my environment.
In my sociological research, I followed the set ethical standards, including confidentiality and
privacy of the subjects involved in my interviews.
Analysis of The results.
The research was conducted on a group of individuals who had migrated — the research
compiled on individuals both from the male and the female genders. Age group involved in the



study consisted of individuals between the age of 16years to 65 years. Random sampling from
different locations was also done to maintain the integrity of the process. It was worth noting a
trend in the responses gotten from the respondents. All individuals tend to respond to the
questionaries in a manner that indicated that there was a lack of fairness in the way that thet were
treated locaaly. Social amenities were also not equally distributed. 70% of the respondents
indicated their fears with their local governments. In most of the answers gotten, most responses
complained that most of the crimes and other unlawful occurrences in their area of residence are
associated with them. This led them to be labeled as criminals.
Discussion of the Findings.
After conducting my research through the methods mentioned earlier, I found several results
worth analyzing. One of the findings identified was what the communities around a particular
country perceived immigrant. It was evident that the immigrants had been labeled and
characterized as criminals. This is popularly known is Pyschology as the labeling theory. The
labeling of the immigrants as criminals in like manner will aid in global influence adverse
outcomes of the labeling, particularly with regards to the critical situations of the immigrant
status (Mears, 2019, P. 16). Besides, labeling of the target group is kept up through different
mechanisms of transfer; including through books, films, social media, print media, and broad
communications and even through regular discussions. The advancement of labeling of
delinquents or immigrants as criminals will in general state result in influence over the individual
personality traits in obtaining expanded criminal conduct and negative character qualities related
to the critical labeling (Restivo, & Lanier, 2015, P. 16). The particular predominance of the
negative labeling complies with criminal behavior in general forms into a crime status for the



target group. This is frequently declared to the thought of superseding the other positive
attributes of the target group.
As indicated by the investigations conducted, it has been identified that the particular labeling of
by and large networks will in general influence the formative conduct of the involved illicit
immigrants (Martinez, & Lee, 2010). This has been clarified through the conduct standards in the
ghettos related social orders to have higher pervasiveness of illegal migration than other
urbanized regions; primarily because of the particular labeling of the social order by others just
as the involved target group dwelling in partner social orders too. It has been kept up that the
specific labeling of target group additionally will, in general influence in regards to the nondegenerate conduct (Mears, 2017, P. 18). This is clarified through the conduct standards of target
group being stereotypes displaying social norms in the restriction; reflecting towards sentiments
of uneasiness of not fitting in with the stereotyped names related to them (Glaze, & Kaeble,
2016, P. 26). This has been primarily associated with the social standards of ladies and ethnical
minorities. As for the methods of labeling and labeling of the target group, there have been
separated two unique methodologies; the formal and the casual ways of labeling. The structured
labeling alludes to the official assignment of the specific marks, for example, the police
characterizing immigrants as criminals as their particular propagation of the law.
Additionally, casual labeling incorporates the labeling of the target group by different sources,
for example, friends and target group of society. Aside from the informal labeling being pertinent
for criminal conduct, the thought of formal labeling is in charge of the enlistment of criminal
behavior among the target group. As indicated by Ewing, & Martínez, (2015), this additionally
incorporates the particular "services" related to the ceremonies of criminal preliminaries also,
which were named as "rituals of progress"; affirming the difference in observations and attributes



of target group through the adjustment in criminal status because of "the criminal preliminary,
with its detailed custom and misrepresented custom” (p. 16).
The thought of labeling theory will, in general, attest upgraded influence towards the destruction
of the fundamental origination identified with the curse of criminal prejudices Conversely, the

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